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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:47:57

MATSUO Co., Ltd.

A company that uses its ingenuity.

With advanced technology and rich experience, our company produces sugar production machines, and we have the largest market share in Japan. We are also the only company in Japan that has a production facility for “thermal diffusion zinc plating.”

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List of products
Various sugar refining equipment
A trustworthy sugar production machine with many achievements that supports the industry of the southern islands. 
We are working toward further evolution through research and development. 
We produce preprocessing facilities/squeezing facilities/cleaning facilities/condensation facilities/boiling facilities/leaf removal facilities/ 
and spiral leaf removers.
Various brewing equipment
We provide reliable technology that ensures the high-quality taste, safety, and comfort that our customers demand. 
We produce automatic rice malt makers, which fully automatically produce the rice malt that is indispensable in shochu production/normal pressure distillers and reduced pressure distillers/copper distillers/automatic distillers/continuous sweet potato distillers.
automatic rice malt makers and distillers for test production. 
Thermal diffusion zinc coating equipment
We are equipped with facilities for thermo-diffusion zinc plating developed by DiSTeK in Israel. 
This is a surface improvement method that places special zinc-mixed power and the product in a dedicated container, 
We mix/heat them in an electric furnace while rotating the container to form an alloy layer of zinc and iron on the surface of the product. 
It is suitable for every material, including iron, and it has much better cost performance than fusion zinc plating.