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Latest update: 18/11/2019 16:00:02

Fuji Arch Co., Ltd.

We are aiming fo a high level of manufacturing based on our accumulated knowhow, as well as our unique and advanced technical capabilities.

Our company has the technology to meet the requests of our customers.
We are specialists with high-level technology cultivated over many years of experience. That is why we will continue promoting potential manufacturing in the future as well.
Everything is carried out in-house from design to part and material procurement, production, and shipping.

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Sales Pitch

Computer aided design (CAD), metal bending, press working, resin technology, equipment, jigs & tools, molds, and inspection item manufacturing
Business Description and Strengths
Business description: Our company develops, designs, and prototypes new metal and resin products, sch as automotive parts, construction machine parts, architectural parts, and electrical home appliance parts. We manufacture and sell low-volume products, repair parts, and customized products. We also design, sell, and repair equipment, jigs & tools, molds, and inspection items. 
Business categories: Machining, sheet metal working, pressing, drawing, welding, thermal treatment, plating, surface treatment, coating, laser processing, 3D CAD/CAM, resin molding, packaging & shipping, metal and wooden mold manufacturing, short-term delivery, prototyping, low-volume production, mass production, inspection, testing, measurement, and 3D measurement
Main equipment: Laser processing machine, stretch bender, hydraulic press, hydraulic bender, and welding machinery
Outline of products and technology
Our company manufactures machine elements, molds, jigs, automotive parts, aircraft parts, machined parts, and other machine parts. We also manufacture transportation machines, construction machines, and other machines and equipment, including jigs & tools and metal products.
We process aluminum, stainless steel, iron & steel, and other nonferrous metals, including high-function resins.
Toward matching
Our company develops and prototypes automobile and other transportation equipment parts using CAD, including vehicle interior and exterior parts made of metal and resin. We also manufacture and sell service parts and can provide door sashes with a quick turnaround.
Our company is registered in the industrial database of Ayase City, Kanagawa Pref. accumulating the crafsmanship of selected products, parts, and machining.

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