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Latest update: 21/12/2022 13:49:33

Ohtec K.K.

We are a company that creates innovation without limitations by modern resources and skills.

Giving a shape to our customer’s seeds and needs
We will respond to your requests through proposals and trial manufacturing while considering things again and again from every angle to make them happen. 
We offer everything from design and trial manufacturing of development equipment up to the production of mass production equipment offering cost reductions and enhanced productivity, regardless of the industry. 

As our own product, we manufacture and sell the world's first patented sliding-free pump using magnetic flux. 
The pump can be used in all kinds of harsh environments. 
All portions coming into contact with liquids are lined with Teflon. 
The product can be used also for slurry, strong acids, strong alkalis, or organic solvents. 
Since there is no sliding part, there is no heat generation from sliding and hardly any pulsation. 
The pump has an ultra-long life without requiring maintenance.

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Sliding-free Teflon Pump
Since this particle-free pump is non-sliding with no sliding heat, it can be used in harsh environments with, for example, slurry, strong acids, strong alkalis, and organic solvents. 
In addition, since there are no sliding parts that would be subject to wear, the pump offers a very long service life without any need for periodic overhauls or repairs. 
The patented pump is based on a novel drive system that uses magnetic flux distortion generated by permanent magnets and Teflon-lined ferromagnetic metal.



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