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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:21

HSK co.,ltd.

A manufacturer that specializes in the precision pressing of thin boards.  Our ultra-precise die and mold making can achieve 0.05-mm slits when the plate is 0.02-mm thick.  Our production bases are in Vietnam and China. We conduct advanced prototype production in Japan and mass production overseas. 

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Mold-manufacturing technology
Mold manufacturing technology from prototype to mass production. 
 Our company produces dies and molds in-house.  We offer diverse types, including those for prototypes, medium-sized lots, and mass production.
 We are particularly adept at composite pressing in which caulking is performed inside the progressive die. 
 With our original, ultra-precise die and mold production technology, we can make molds for prototypes of products that are difficult to manually process, such as those with minute shapes. 
 We have experience in designing and producing more than 3,000 molds. We offer highly detailed and ultra-precise die and mold manufacturing 
 Using our wide-ranging expertise, for instance in strip layout. 
 By producing each part using machining centers and wire cut discharge processing machines and improving their precision through polishing, 
 We are capable of 0.05-mm slit on 0.02-mm thick plates and have achieved the smallest possible clearances. 

Careful and dedicated mold production is the foundation of manufacturing and Monozukuri craftsmanship. 
 We also have many methods that we use when assembling the dies and molds that make pressing more efficient. 
 Using carbide on die and mold parts implies that many of them can be made maintenance-free. 
 We make the most appropriate selections for prototypes, medium-size lots, and mass production based on the production number and desired deadline, and we shape the customer requirements. 
 To manufacture products that satisfy our customers. 

Assembly inside progressive dies and molds
 Our company has been a pioneer of Japanese research and development in composite progressive pressing, and we have been accumulating expertise in
 ways to maximize productivity and stabilize quality during pressing.
 We are particularly capable of processing and manufacturing parts for electric connectors based on a diverse range of variables, such as required material characteristics, contact pressure, and electric resistance. 
 We are now capable of assembling super minute contacts, which is widely considered to be difficult. If you have any issues with products with complex shapes, such as super-minute products and ultra-thin products, 
 that other companies cannot handle, please feel free to make an inquiry. 
Pressing technology
Prototype making including material selection and method proposals 
 We are skilled at selecting materials and proposing production methods based on drawings or rough sketches provided by our customers. 
 Depending on the material and shape, we can produce prototype dies and molds in three days at the earliest. 
 By keeping a database of production technology that we have acquired over many years, we can offer products that better suit the needs of our customers. 
 To help our development engineers shorten the market delivery time, we proceed with the design process as we receive the drawings from the customer, 
 Simultaneously, we begin prototype and mold production using materials that we have in stock.
 The introduction of processing simulations has further contributed to reductions in the time required for prototype making and mold production. 
 We offer super precise and rapid support to those making development prototypes, improvement prototypes and mass production prototypes. 

Prototype making toward mass production. 
 Our company can accommodate a diverse range of products from high-mix low-volume production to large lots. 
 From prototype making that includes its development and assembly to high-quality/low-cost mass production, our production system can accommodate everything.
 We are particularly adept at prototype making for mass production. Our reliable precision and quality have earned us our customers' trust. 
 Conducting everything from prototype making and die and mold production to mass production in-house with an integrated system means that we are capable of quickly accommodating sudden changes in specifications or shape. 
 Caulking is a method that is used to bond several metal plates.  It is suitable for bonding materials wherein welding or the usage of glue is not possible for bonding different materials
 and for improving the productivity by switching away from welding or gluing.  It is a method that has been used for many years in consumer electronics and OA devices.
 However, in recent years, it has been used in wider fields, including in electrical parts for automobiles and micro-motors. 

 Different material caulking
 Four-material composite caulking
 Contact-point silver caulking

 Complex-shape processing
  We are adept at multiple bending in close proximity, small (narrow) bending, and the pressing of complex shapes through techniques such as caulking + bending. 
  We conduct everything from the design of dies and molds and production to maintenance in-house, which implies we can take shapes and material properties in complex drawings into consideration, 
  and we are capable of mass production using optimal methods. 

 Minute-parts bending
  We have been successfully mass-producing minute parts whose width is approximately 0.5 mm or about as thin as a mechanical pencil lead. 
  We are capable of performing punching, caulking, and complex caulking at a minute level. 

Thin plates
  Mass production achievements: 20 μm (t0.02 mm) to 60 μm (t0.06mm)
  Trial manufacturing achievements: 2 μm (t0.002 mm) *Titanium foil
  We are capable of punching, bending, and caulking thin plates. 

 In-house production of jigs, peripheral equipment, and automatic machines. 
  At our company, we produce jigs, peripheral equipment, and automatic machines in-house, in addition to our dies and molds production technology. 
  By minimizing the tasks of the technicians manufacturing our products, we ensure stable supply and cost reduction. 

 We can handle difficult-to-machine materials
  We are capable of processing various difficult-to-machine materials such as phosphor bronze, beryllium, and nickel silver. 
  Moreover, we own electric furnaces for the heat treatment of beryllium copper, and we can perform in-house heat treatment of other materials such as stainless steel. 

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