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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:55

Nakajima Press Industry Co.,Ltd.

Our company has inherited technologies and has a wealth of experience and knowledge cultivated over 49 years.

Focusing on the basics of manufacturing and with quality first as our motto, we strive to create products that satisfy the trust and demands of our customers.

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Company Overview
Business Description and Features
Our company provides die-cutting services for film, urethane, rubber, stickers, felts, and nonwoven fabrics. The processed products have various applications and are widely used in office automation equipment, automotive parts, anti-vibration, cushioning, soundproofing, dust proofing, heat insulation, solution absorbers, air filters, packing materials, etc.

Even when adhesion or bending is required on the part of the processed product to suit a complex usage environment or where a large workpiece must be processed, we utilize our technology and extensive knowledge to produce the required high-quality products. We also developed folded pigeons and cloth clocks made of shape memory nonwoven fabric using our press technology. Using natural materials (Japanese paper and tree sheets), we want to contribute to the inheritance of Japanese culture.
Overview of Products and Technologies
Our company manufactures a wide range of parts, including OA equipment parts, PC parts, AV equipment parts, mobile phone parts, and automotive parts. We also offer a service to create original shapes by creasing Japanese paper, handkerchiefs, furoshiki (wrapping cloth), and fabric. In addition, we have a variety of machinery and equipment, such as front-rear pressboard cutters, high-speed automatic cutters, hydraulic die-cutting machines, and vertical cutters, to utilize our technology and extensive knowledge.
Preparing for Matching
With seasoned employees and new employees working in the same environment every day, we believe that we are here today because we could share the joy of manufacturing while responding to the changes of the times. We are grateful for the opportunity to take on new challenges by sparing no effort, and we aim to create a company that is needed by society. We hope that we will be able to share the difficulties of developing sales channels, management issues, and other problems so that we can all move forward in the right direction.



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