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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:19

Kanekin Ogura Seibonsyo Co., Ltd.

Traditional skill with 1000 years of history.  Bringing Nagiso woodturning to today’s world.  A beautiful addition to your lifestyle. 

While we continue to produce many goods using natural Japanese wood as “traditional artisans,” we are also developing products that utilize the techniques of woodturning to promote new lifestyles that make people happier.

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Diffraction-type speakers, chirashi sushi bowls, and Minami-kiso style woodturning work
Our "Onzo Series" of wooden speakers are made using traditional woodturning techniques.  The sound generated by the cone of the speakers creates a three-dimensional space through an effect called “diffraction.” The shape that is ideal for the creation of this diffraction effect is a cylinder made up of curved surfaces.  This curved surface, which maximizes the effect, creates clearly defined phases for string instruments, percussions, and vocals.  Its natural acoustic effect can create a space that feels as if you are in a concert venue. An unprecedented, direct, and rich world of music will envelop you.  The shape, which has been described as the ultimate round baffle, is created through unique woodturning processes. 
Obtain a richer lifestyle with our "Onzo Series" speakers.  The warmness of wood will spread through your room, and each CD will create an acoustic space in which music is played just for you.  Please enjoy a new world of music. 
The bowls used for chirashi-zushi (scattered sushi) have a round bottom, unlike standard sushi containers. Thus, it is easier to mix using a rice scoop, and it is easier to wash afterward using an object like a scrubbing brush. The natural wood inside appropriately regulates the moisture of the rice and ensures a delicious meal. 
Woodturning has more than 1000 years of history.  Our artisans use lathes to cut and grind Japanese wood by hand, according to the grain of each individual piece of wood. 
We offer Japanese timber with good patterning that can be used for furniture. 

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