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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:19


Noge Electric Industries pursues quality through development ability and human resources. 

We are a specialized plating manufacturer that can satisfy the high-quality requirements of the aerospace and defense industries, and we also offer production and sales of a variety of examination equipment.  We achieve our high quality though advanced technological ability and skilled staff. 

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Plating business
We are also adept at processing metal into thin wire. Our bonding wires that plate gold and palladium to thin copper wire have earned high praise as the first product of their kind in the world.  They are widely used across the world today. 
Our plating business is divided into mass production and product development. We mass-produce plated parts for semiconductors, automobiles, and communication devices while developing new products in-house or in collaboration with our customers. 

Mass production
 Hoop plating/lead-frame plating/plating of aerospace or defense-related parts/UBM plating/wire plating/barrel plating

Developed products, others
 Ceramics/glass/powder/CFRP/Carbon/vein/Tungsten pin/Magnesium material/Titanium material 
 /ruthenium plating/water-repellent plating/regenerative plating/CC-50 (Inverter control panels) 
Inspection equipment
Automatic appearance inspection involves automatic deficiency detection and conducting quality assessments using a camera and image processing technology rather than the visual inspection through human eyes, which was performed previously. 
Our company has developed an original appearance inspection technology for lead frames used in the electronic parts for semiconductors that we handle in-house. Using the in-house appearance inspection device ensures the quality of the products. 
Today, this core technology is used in appearance inspections of complex shapes in plates, tubes, cylinders, and wires that are used in automobile and metalwork manufacturing and which were previously considered to be difficult to inspect. In addition to offering inspection of electronic parts, we can also provide custom-made inspection devices that are tailored to the shape of your product. 
We offer proposals that are satisfactory from our customers’ point of view and offer advice on automatic inspection processes based on the expertise that we have acquired through experience. Please feel free to make an inquiry. 

• EIT appearance inspection device 
• IRScope Infrared inspection device
• 3DIT 3D inspection device

• Free testing and evaluation
 We will prepare evaluation jigs based on your product information and perform a trial evaluation (only the use of the appearance inspection device is free), 
 and then we will report the evaluation results back to you. 
 If you are satisfied with the result, we will perform additional evaluations in your presence (charged). 

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