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We offer the best products at the fastest speed

We are a manufacturer of mechanical parts for producing articles like manufacturing equipment, inspection equipment, and parts for industrial robots. We are backed by private companies, universities, and research institutions throughout Japan with our short delivery times and high quality. We specialize in plastic processing and resin processing.

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Sales Pitch

Proposal abilities: We make accurate proposals based on experience and know-how.
Material selection proposals
The functions and features required for resin parts differ depending on the application and situation of use required by the customer. Multiple functions and characteristics are required in many cases, but there are important functions and functions that are indispensable due to installation conditions. 
We recommend that you identify the essential features first and then select a better material as an incidental condition. 
Our company has a wealth of know-how to satisfy strict conditions, so please contact us before selecting material by yourself. We will propose the best material for you.
Proposals for optimal processing methods
Injection molding is a generally popular from of resin processing, so cutting processes that do not require dies do not seem to be well understood. 
There are possibilities in resin cutting and plastic cutting if we can perform processing after fully understanding the possible contents of processing. 
Our company can propose advanced machining methods to deliver the parts you need without any problems based on our extensive track record and experience in resin cutting and plastic cutting. 
We propose an optimal processing method according to the required conditions and features of materials.
VE and VA proposals
We can create various effects and added value for part design by manufacturers. This is done ​​by replacing parts that have been made of metal with resin. 
Please contact our company first if you currently have any issues such as weight saving and cost reduction, environmental considerations, and simplified production processes. We fully understand the possibilities of all resins, so we can make a suitable proposal for you. 
We can produce prototypes in a short delivery time by resin cutting if a company currently uses resin parts and is considering replacing them with a new material due to issues such as strength or durability. Please consult us if you are considering the replacement of materials.
Taking on the challenge of perfection: We aim for 100% quality, delivery, and customer satisfaction.
Thorough inspection system by quality control department
Commitment to quality control without compromise
We have a thorough inspection system for performing dimensional inspections to achieve micron-level accuracy. Specialized inspectors who have acquired inspection qualifications according to our standards use various inspection instruments such as three-dimensional measuring machines and high-precision image measuring machines to perform dimensional inspections in a dedicated inspection room maintained at 20 °C. 
We provide peace of mind to customers by providing products beyond their requirements based on our philosophy of uncompromising quality control.
Taking on the challenge of zero outflow with triple-checks
We deliver the highest quality
Three different people check one product to prevent the outflow of defective products. 
Our company has over 70 years of experience in plastic cutting and processing, and we have received many requests from universities and research institutions throughout Japan. 
Our technology is highly evaluated by universities and various research institutes that are strict about quality because we continue to realize strict precision and highly difficult resin cutting.
Packaging and transportation for quality maintenance
We take great care to the end
The responsible personnel individually wrap products carefully to ensure that quality products that have passed strict quality inspections are delivered to customers.
Investigation of the cause of defective products and thorough improvement of products
We take thorough measures to prevent recurrence
We perform thorough 4M management by standardizing and visualizing processing procedures and the occurrence of abnormalities, and prevent problems and trouble from occurring. A permanent defect countermeasure meeting is held in the event of a defective product. We add information to a database of the cause and countermeasures of the defect and share information company-wide to thoroughly prevent the recurrence of defective products. 
The production department and quality control department work together to constantly pursue defect causes and thoroughly improve quality. We aim for a defect rate of 0%, and to achieve higher quality and shorter delivery times.
Information sharing system for strictly adhering to short delivery times
We realize ultra-short delivery times by applying the skills of our craftsmen and the latest IT
We have built our own computer system based on 70 years of processing results, so we provide quick and accurate quotations. We make a quotation semi-automatically based on the data of similar shapes we received in the past. 
The operator incorporates the process into our unique monitor management system immediately after receiving an order. 
All employees can browse information from anywhere and share information for quick delivery.
Quotations in at least 2 hours
Same-day delivery is also possible
Some customers want to have parts immediately when they need them. It is necessary to make a quotation that will be used as a basis for ordering to satisfy such a customer's needs. 
Our company's specialized quotation team can provide a quotation in 2 hours at the shortest to enable customers to make a decision as soon as possible. 
We perform resin cutting processing in which each point is processed manually, but we can offer the industry's fastest short delivery time (shortest delivery is delivery within the day).
Extensive proposal capabilities with 70 years of experience: Information sharing system
Proper proposals based on experience and know-how
Our company makes various proposals to realize the functions and quality required by customers in part production by plastic cutting. 
We make an accurate proposal based on our experience and know-how rather than doing nothing until you ask a question. Please consult us about resin processing from the concept preparation stage.
We can handle production from one small lot
We perform processing carefully and quickly
Prototyping parts for new products and production parts for improving the production process may require only one part. 
Normally, molds are required to make resin parts, but expensive molds cannot be manufactured for a few parts. A company that can produce only one part is different from a company that produces single parts only. You can rely on us.
We support a wide range of processing
We possess a wide range of equipment
We possess a wealth of equipment and perform various kinds of processing to reliably satisfy customer requests. 
This includes cutting, drilling, tapping, lathe processing, machining, slicing, bonding, bending, welding, lining, Teflon coating, gear cutting keyway, polishing, painting, and so on.
We can handle processing without various 2D data and 3D data and drawings
Please do not hesitate to contact us
Please send your data as it is. We work as a partner to help customers reduce their efforts. (*Recommended data formats are dxf, igs, and stp.) 
We respond to customer requests even if there is no drawing. We can generate CAD drawings from actual items or sketch drawings, convert them to machining data, and manufacture articles from scratch. 
Please contact us even if your request was rejected by another company.