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Latest update: 11/01/2023 15:45:02


Companies developing technologies such as AI, control, image processing, and algorithms

Development history in the medical and industrial technology fields.
We engage in the following businesses: Image processing technology
AI technology
Control technology
Medical technology
Medical equipment development
Mechanical design and production
Technology consulting

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Development history
Development history in the medical field
Multichannel type surface plasmon resonance measuring apparatus (for infection diagnosis)
Microscope image acquisition system (for bioscience) 
Virtual slide forming apparatus (for cancer diagnosis, etc.)
HER2 counters (for breast cancer diagnosis) 
Medical component assembly equipment 
Automatic syringe assembly equipment
Bone-density scanners
Development history in the industrial technology field
Wind-power generation remote monitoring systems
Soldering appearance inspection instruments
Connector automatic image inspection equipment
Rubber seal cutting machines
Encoder inspection equipment 
Parts cleaners
High-speed taping devices

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Tohoku Head Office, SMRJ