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Latest update: 21/04/2021 13:32:11

Nissin Inc.

[Custom equipment development support]
We provide perfect-fit made-to-order equipment

[Development support characteristics]
 1. From development of manufacturing and testing construction methods to mass production equipment
  ・We support experiments and verification (process development) for the development of manufacturing and testing methods
  ・We support everything from development to operation of mass production equipment that realizes the processes we have developed
 2. Development and technical capabilities
  ・A wide range of underlying technology with a variety of custom specifications
  Development and technical capabilities that coordinate the underlying technology
 3. Track record of reliable development
  ・We have a track record of more than 70 years in the development of various kinds of made-to-order equipment for major companies

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From development of manufacturing and testing construction methods through to mass production equipment
[Achievements] Prototype continuous drying device for ceramic parts
 High-speed, uniformity, and high-quality manufacturing processes
 Heating and drying by microwave under reduced pressure
<Construction method experiment>
 We have developed an experimental furnace in our search for optimal heating and drying conditions
<Construction method verification>
 Scale-up electromagnetic field simulation
[Achievements] PDP mass production aging test equipment
 High-speed aging and large panel transport in the testing process
 Development of a dedicated power supply for optimal pulse/voltage, development of trays for transportation
<Construction method experiment>
 Development of a high-voltage power supply for experimentation, exploration of optimal pulse/voltage specifications
<Construction method verification>
 Collecting aging data from aging trays (Trays with dedicated power supplies built-in)
[Achievements] Sintering production equipment for sintering metal nanopaste printed wiring
 High-speed, low-temperature, low-resistance sintering
 Plasma sintering
<Construction method experiment>
 We are searching for optimal conditions for general-purpose plasma experimental equipment
<Construction method verification>
 SEM photo evaluation of wiring profile



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