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Latest update: 25/09/2023 13:32:07

Nissin Inc.

Leave it to Nissin for microwave heating.

We offer contract development of specialized microwave heating equipment and microwave heating systems.
We will respond to your needs by making the most of the technology we have cultivated over the years.
Please feel free to contact us if you would like to introduce, try, or consider microwave heating.

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[Our Strengths]
Realizing customer needs with electrical theory approach
The method of developing a dedicated heating furnace by measuring material properties, analyzing heating data, and analyzing with electromagnetic simulations using the reliable microwave and high-frequency technologies that Nissin has cultivated over the years is called the electro-theoretical approach.
Selection of optimum combination from our microwave equipment
We select magnetron oscillators, microwave power supplies, directional couplers, waveguides, etc. from our own microwave equipment to meet the customer's needs.
In addition, special microwave equipment such as stirrers for stirring microwaves, agitators for liquid and powder workpieces, and rotating tables for rotating workpieces are required for dedicated heating furnaces, and we will select the most suitable equipment for these as well.

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Support for production equipment that meets customer safety standards
At Nissin, we focus on safety design.
We provide microwave heating equipment that fully satisfies not only our customers' safety standards, but also the radio wave protection guidelines set forth by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
Various microwave leakage countermeasures are required, but our expertise and know-how cultivated over many years ensure a high level of safety.

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