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Strict water quality control with a focus on locally produced rice. 

Kubota Brewery Limited, known as “Fukukoma,” has been loved by the locals in Fukui Prefecture's Maruoka Town since it was founded in 1753.
“Oni Sakuza,” produced through strict water quality control and a focus on locally produced rice, is one of the most talked about local sakes. 

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“Ippitsu keijo - Plum wine’
Gold Prize at the 13th Feminalise World Wine Competition (2019)
"Ippitsu Keijo Ume no Sake" (Brief Message from the Heart: Plum Wine) uses only ripe Benisashi Plums from Awara. It is made with authentically brewed pure sake from Kubota Brewery. To enhance the taste of the sake itself, we use less than half the amount of sugar that is used in other plum wines. 
It is known for its rich aroma, flavor, and subtle sweetness.  At 12% alcohol by volume, it contains comparatively less alcohol than other plum wine, making it easier to drink. 

"Feminalise World Wine Competition" is a unique wine competition where all the judges are women.  It has continued to grow since its beginning in 2007, and it first became a world-class competition in 2015.  The female judges are selected from among wine industry professionals with fundamental tasting knowledge. Furthermore, it is well known that sales of the wine that wins the gold metal can triple in France. 

At the 13th competition (2019), the competition was held at Parc floral de Paris. After a review on April 4 (Thurs), the results were announced on April 8 (Mon).  This time, 5540 wines and liqueurs were submitted for the competition. 
They came from 16 countries in total.  Five hundred and ten female wine professionals from around the world were the judges. Only women with careers in wine tasting, such as sommeliers, brewers, wine journalists, and importers, can be judges. The judges who are placed next to one another avoid talking to each other. With service from well-organized sommeliers, they judge each drink on 10 of its aspects. The top score is 20. 

The competition entries are all the wines of the world (red, rosé, white) including nonsparkling, sparkling and liqueur wine, and table wine.  Our plum wine won an award this time in the liqueur category. 
Superior wine and liqueurs are awarded a gold or silver medal. 

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