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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:49:16

JSK Co.,Ltd.

We deliver the highest quality as a control equipment specialist.

We make use of technical and quality capabilities cultivated in the industrial equipment field to carry out contract development and manufacturing according to customer requirements. We also develop hardware (structural design, circuit design) and firmware as well as configuration tools. We have a track record of developing various networks such as Ethernet, WiFi, LPWA, and Enocean.

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Sales Pitch

We realize customer requests and deliver products with stable quality.
Contract development and manufacturing
Our company is responding to the labor shortage caused by population decline. We provide contract development of automation, IoT, and microcomputer application devices utilizing the IoT (IoT system Sier, healthcare-related devices, restaurant-related equipment, various production lines, and so on). We hope companies that are considering new products or companies that are looking for a manufacturing subcontractor contact us, regardless of the business type. 

◆ Development capabilities
We develop hardware (structural design, circuit design) and configuration tools.
◆ Acquisition of certification
UL, CSA, ANSI standards
EN, IEC, ISO standards
JIS, PSE, VCCI standards
◆ Evaluation test equipment
EMC preliminary test, shield room, lightning surge, RF conducted immunity, EMI noise sensor, noise terminal tester, static tester
Evaluation test-related: Heat shock tank, constant temperature and high humidity tank, three-phase AC power generator, AC power supply, electronic load
◆ Ability to procure parts
Network for procurement consisting of 500 companies in Japan and overseas
◆ Production line
Mounting line: SMT line, image inspection equipment, board cutter
Assembly line: Assembly by the cell production method

[Technical advantages]
◆ Development of microcomputer (hardware and software) systems
Safety: We have developed ISO 13849-1 and IEC 61508 certified equipment. 
◆ Development of PC software systems
Preparation of Windows applications
◆ Development of various analog and digital boards
Construction of circuits to capture information regarding machines and equipment
◆ Mechanical design
Model creation using 3DCAD and 3D printers
◆ PLC system development
Development tailored to the customer's application

[Delivery track record]
Functional safety equipment
MMI (man-machine interface)
Robot controller
Network related equipment
Various gateways
Our product: DWN-INS-100 ISDN-NGN conversion adapter
Our DWN-INS-100 ISDN-NGN conversion adapter is an adapter that connects devices communicating with ISDN to an optical line. This product can be used as a terrestrial digital tuner when TV is transferred to terrestrial digital. 

[Advantages of products]
- We consolidate basic charges into optical lines.
- The device currently used can be used as it is even after ISDN data communication ends 
- Easy connection just by connecting with a LAN cable without making complicated settings

[Delivery track record]
Our product has been used in various devices such as stores and offices communicating via ISDN lines.
Products, technologies, and services
[Business description and features]
◆ Development, manufacturing, and sales of information and communications control equipment
(Monitoring and control consoles for electric power, water supply and sewage, automatic answering and voice guidance devices for telephone call boxes, etc.)
◆ Development, manufacturing and sales of measurement control equipment (sensors for color sorters, various control boards for automobiles and measuring devices for parts, etc.)
◆ Development, manufacturing and sales of machine control equipment (semiconductor manufacturing equipment controllers, NC control panels for machine tools, etc.)
◆ Planning, manufacturing, and sales of control units and parts (Ethernet related equipment, solid-state relays, fan motors, etc.)

[Overview of main products, technologies, products and services, examples of use]
◆ Contract development and production of IoT devices (development and production of microcomputer application equipment)
◆ Acquired various certifications such as CE, UL, VCCI, and PSE 	
[Awards and media publications]
Japan's Brightest Economic Radio Newspaper, December 24 and 31, 2017

[Transactions and development results with major companies]
Major automobile part manufacturer: Network converter
Major industrial equipment manufacturer: PLC peripherals, control boards, etc.
Major industrial equipment manufacturer: Network converter
Major industrial equipment manufacturer: Functional safety unit
Major industrial equipment manufacturer: LCD display
Major air valve manufacturer: Soil moisture measurement device												
[Message from the representative (initiatives for future market cultivation, intentions for using J-GoodTech, etc.)]
We provide industrial-quality IoT devices through integrated development manufacturing processing. This is done by combining control technology, network technology, and sensor technology cultivated in the field of industrial equipment. 
We also contribute to the sophistication of production equipment by supplying electronic parts from overseas manufacturers in the Southeast Asia region.

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