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Latest update: 18/11/2019 16:00:06

Green Frontier Technology Corporation

We would like to promote the spread of next-generation devices that are required by people as well as the earth, and that use environmentally friendly energy. 

We provide the following three next-generation devices so that companies can develop and commercialize new environmental energy devices for consumer use: "Hybrid solar panels," "indirect water evaporation coolers," and "cylindrical desiccant units." We also support customers in developing and commercializing the above devices.

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Sales Pitch

Introducing the business lineup, products, technologies, etc.
Business lineup and strengths 
We develop, produce, and sell "cooling systems," "cooling equipment," and "air conditioners" that do not employ any Freon refrigerant or compressor, and a power consumption of which is up to 50% of that of normal air conditioners. We also develop, produce, and sell "air coolers," "water evaporation coolers," and "desiccant dehumidifiers" that are the main devices employed in the above-mentioned three types of equipment. Furthermore, we develop, produce, and sell "solar-power-based systems for supplying electricity and heat" and "solar heating hybrid panels."
The former systems are being considered for use in cooling communication base stations, information data centers, for air conditioning in factories, outdoor restaurants, spaces in stations, cowsheds, pigpens in the ASEAN region, and for controlling temperatures in bathrooms, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, etc. 
The latter panels are being considered of use in places, such as houses, apartment buildings, shops, and agricultural vinyl houses, which require electricity and heat. 
We are cooperating with client companies, organizations, and municipalities in and outside Japan to work towards immediately commercializing and making operable both of the above products that will be optimal for customers.
As an ultimate business, we would like to develop and diffuse a future system (a smart life solution) that uses a distributed energy system installed to a building, which provides electricity, hot water, and air-conditioning.
Outlines of our products and technologies
The main technologies that have achieved the core devices used in the equipment that we have developed include the following: The thin aluminum heat-exchanger plate lamination technology, the IDEC water evaporation heat exchanger technology, technology for realizing desiccant function revolving dehumidification units, and technology for installing solar battery cells to heat sinks. These technologies were originally developed by us.
"We would like to save humankind from the danger of global warming" by diffusing products that employ these technology devices. For this purpose, we aim at cooperating with expert companies in the relevant markets to develop our business all over the world. For this purpose, we concentrate on the development, production, sales, and operationalization of device components and focus on services through which we indirectly support the companies that will operationalize the final products, in developing such products and expanding their markets.  
For matching
We would like to reduce electricity consumed by air conditioners and cooling systems all over the world by half. In addition, we will commercialize a "distributed energy system," which fully utilizes solar power and a "new air-conditioner," which uses the output of the above system, to contribute to the realization of customers' "life using solar power" that is comfortable, safe, secure, and healthy. The largest energy source that humankind has is the solar power that constantly falls on to the tops of buildings. We will strive to extract electricity and heat from the solar power in a highly effectively manner and to provide energy usage solutions required by people. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

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