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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:42:00

Nakata Foods Co.,Ltd.

Nakata Shokuhin - a Tofu Shop in Tokachi

Established in 1965, our company has manufactured tofu, fried tofu, and related products using mainly Tokachi-grown soybeans and other ingredients produced in Hokkaido. About 40% of our products are sold in supermarkets in the Sapporo area. We have established a brand power that is different from the low-cost products of major manufacturers.

Main image

Sales Pitch

Tokachi Soybeans x Rich Tofu
[Tofu and Cup Tofu]
Tokachi's Gem: Momen
Tokachi's Gem: Kinu
Tokachi's Gem: Yose 
Tokachi Tofu
Tokachi's Gem: Fragrance of the Earth
Tokachi's Gem: Baked Tofu
Tokachi's Gem: Onabe san

[Cup Tofu]
Edamame Korokoro
Tsubutsubu Sugarcane
[Smoked Tofu and Fried Tofu]
[Smoked Tofu]
Tofu-Kun Jerky
Tofu-Kun Stick

[Fried Tofu]
・Tokachi Hitosuji: Fried Tofu, Large
・Tokachi Hitosuji: Fried Tofu, Small
・Tokachi Hitosuji: Fried Tofu, Triangle
[Soy Milk and Okara]
[Soy Milk]
Rich Soymilk from Tofu Shop
Mametope Plus

Okara powder
Okara (for commercial use)

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