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Latest update: 30/07/2021 15:25:28

Matsubayashi Co.,Ltd.

Manufacturing bronze castings, handling other castings, and machining

We were among the first to adopt lead-free Biwalite for bronze castings, from the time of our founding. Our high level of casting technology enjoys an established reputation in Japan and abroad. 

As a machining department, we have the equipment and personnel to handle our own castings, as well as machining of parts for machines, valves, pumps, electrical appliances, and other equipment.

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Business areas
Complete build-to-order production (we can handle products weighing up to 250 kg)
We are able to satisfy the severe needs of large products by focusing on the ingots themselves and making use of the unique know-how we have accumulated through our experience. We satisfy JIS and also ASTM standards.

We excel at pressure-resistant parts with our unique casting technology
We have an extensive track record and high reputation for irregularly shaped parts and objects with complex shapes. We also have sufficiently high planning technology to satisfy strict quality requirements for highly pressure-resistant pump and compressor parts.
We are able to satisfy the high needs of our customers with our engineers who hold certificates skilled professional grade 1.

We work to reach levels of machining that satisfy you with our machining alone, and not just our casting expertise.

To achieve this we devote our energy to training engineers to take full control of complex machines, and we have an established reputation for our technology with NC lathes and machining centers.

Cutting plans not bound by typical thinking

We make full use of the technologies we have cultivated to handle a wide range of operations from machining parts with complex shapes parts to processing like lathing for nameplates. How can we focus on the accuracy of the product you ordered, and finish it in a short lead time and with high quality? What kinds of technology and equipment are needed to achieve this?

We believe that breaking through typical thinking and taking on new challenges will eventually lead to a reduction in cutting processes, shorter lead times, and price reforms, which will lead to customer trust.
Our efforts for lead-free bronze Biwalite (CAC411)

It has been many years since Bi-based materials were certified under JIS. Even so, large castings are still something that most manufacturers have to give up on and spend a considerable amount of energy in producing them. Why don't people switch to another material?

Biwalite CAC411 makes it easier to produce castings closer to the ideal. We were pioneers in tackling lead-free Biwalite CAC411. We are proud of our unrivaled technical expertise to ascertain the characteristics of the material. 

A growing number of overseas companies have already introduced the material. We are actively providing technical guidance and planning discussions for companies that have shown great interest in Biwalite CAC411 based on their appreciation of our passion for Monozukuri craftsmanship and our technology. 

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