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An expert team for metalworking and assembly. 

We are an expert metalworking and assembly team.  Each one of our technicians has “an overview of the entire process” and produces products that are “quick,” “cheap,” and “good,” at our two factories in Wakasato and Kawanakajima.  Trust us with metalworking and assembly. 

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Horiuchi Seiko's motto: “High-speed, inexpensiveness, and good-quality” and business content
Horiuchi Seiko's motto: “High-speed, inexpensive, and good-quality”
Horiuchi Seiko employs skilled technicians.  They are technicians who are able to have “an overview of the entire process.” Each one of our machining center operators can program, check precision, and control quality.  By reducing intermediary staff as much as possible, work speed is increased and effective work is enabled.  Our skilled, "select few" staff work hard to satisfy our customers. 
After carefully asking the customer about the purpose of the product, its usage, and numbers to be produced, we select a suitable material, devise a plan, and propose the least costly method.  We own four 25000rpm metalworking machines. We are unbeatable in aluminum processing.  We are constantly training our staff to work faster. Our accurate but quick production leads to cost reduction. 
A good product means one that is high quality with no defective goods.  Horiuchi Seiko has established an internal inspection department in which four inspectors (those who have obtained in-house certification) always conduct double-checks, namely intermediate inspections and preshipping inspections.  We also check with each operator his/her history of mistakes and their contents. By recording their individual comments, we ensure that they avoid making the same mistake again and eliminate deficiencies in our products. 
Business content
We specialize in the processing of metals including aluminum, iron, and stainless steel.  We can accommodate everything from prototyping to mass production. 
Aluminum processing
The processing of aluminum products is our primary business. Machining, polishing, and plating of soft and easily damaged aluminum products are conducted by our highly experienced technicians, who understand the characteristics of the material.  We can accommodate everything from prototyping to production of lots of up to several hundreds  Moreover, we can perform tapping from M1 size and above. 
Iron processing
Processing iron, which is extremely strong, requires skill. The technicians at Horiuchi Seiko can handle both iron and stainless steel and apply plating, depending on your purpose. Please feel free to make an inquiry.
Stainless-steel processing
Stainless steel is strong and highly resistant to corrosion and, similar to iron, its processing requires advanced machining skill.  At Horiuchi Seiko, high-precision processing is conducted only with milling machines.  Furthermore, we perform polishing in-house.  We can perform tapping from M2 size and above. 
Processing of other metals
Other processing
We can accommodate work such as circuit board improvement and harness processing. Our highly experienced technicians will produce your order with speed and precision. 
We can accommodate both 2D CAM and 3D CAM. We will examine the most suitable processing conditions for each material, whether it is a metal or other type of material.  Our expert operators, who are knowledgeable in both programming and processing operations, will handle your order. 
Circuit board improvement
We are known for our expertise in circuit-board improvement, which involves detailed work. We use lead-free soldering, and we constantly work toward improvements in productivity, speed, and technical ability. 
Surface treatment
Depending on what each product requires, we perform surface treatments such as plating and polishing.  We can accommodate heat treatment products such as electroless nickel, hard chromium, alumite, hard alumite, Tufram, and Tosical.
We assemble control panels, medical devices, and other devices.  Our second factory can accommodate assembly of large devices that exceed 10 m. 
Unit production
Our dedicated technicians, who are adept at reading detailed assembly drawings and performing minute tasks, will be responsible for this process.  We improve work efficiency by carefully managing the work time and the processes. 
We can accommodate assembly of large devices (approximately 10 m). We can flexibly accommodate material procurement and material ordering. 
Control panels
We accurately and efficiently assemble electronic devices, switches, wires, and ducting for electrical controls.  Our technicians, who are adept at the efficient use of limited space for assembly, will perform these tasks. 
Communications equipment
We are also adept at the assembly of communication equipment, which requires skill and detailed knowledge of wiring. Our technicians are highly experienced and have successfully completed many projects. 

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