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Control at 1 μm. We are capable of plating extremely small parts and difficult materials.  Electronic parts, cars, aircraft, metal baseball bats, and walking sticks  We can accommodate both mass production and small lots. 

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We are a manufacturer of specialized plating used in things like decorative goods (buttons), electronic parts, stationery, aircraft parts, 
metal baseball bats and golf club shafts. 

We are particularly adept at nickel-free plating. We offer consistent supply of silver-colored and black plating. 

We always follow the latest demands, and we can accommodate diverse requests such as antiquing treatments and ultra-shiny plating that achieves maximum shininess using barrel-plating. 
We can accommodate both low-cost mass production and small-lot production. We are also capable of inspection meter-compatible plating and can offer nickel-free plating.  Trust us with your decorative plating.

Nickel plating (NKL)
Gold plating (AuF/pure gold/SLG/SSLG)
PWP (P-SSL) nickel-free white
P-HBK (Nickel-free black)
Brass plating (BSD)
Tin-cobalt (chrome color)
Antique silver
Pink gold (PGL)
E-NKL, E-HBK (inspection meter-compatible nickel plating and black nickel plating)
Anti-rust finish 
Antique silver style (P-HBS)
Antique blackened silver style (P-ANL)
Brass-bronze (Golden bronze/AG)
Copper bronze (ACL)
New product development
We are capable of plating control parts/extremely small parts and 1 μm and in difficult materials.
Electronic parts, automobile parts, aircraft parts, camera parts, stationery, and bells

Electronic industrial parts
Aircraft parts (etching, DOW7)
Motor cases
Automobile parts/Motorcycle parts
Sporting goods
We have reliable skills that we have acquired through working with golf club shafts, metal baseball bats, and ski poles.
We can process a variety of parts including electronic industrial parts (We will gladly accommodate long workpieces and small lots).

Metal baseball bats (electrostatic coating, alumite, printing)
Canes (electrostatic coating, alumite, transfer)
LED lighting (powder coating)
Gas meters (powder coating)
Mallet Golf (alumite, printing)
Building materials (electrostatic coating)
Pipes for photocopiers (alumite)
Ski poles (electrostatic coating, alumite, printing)

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