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Latest update: 18/11/2019 15:59:53

Homale Kougyousho Co., Ltd.

Creating customer values by applying "high technologies that meet the changes of the times" 

We design and produce various types of metal molds that are GC, gravity metal, low-pressure cast, forged, and shell core molds. We perform 3D modeling of designed shapes, create electrodes and NC data, and design, as well as produce various jigs and trimming molds. We also conduct assembly design of sand molds, which are the bases of metal molds.

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Use of shell cores to design and produce metal molds for products that have complicated inner shape (e.g. GC and forged molds)
We have produced a lot of metal molds for construction machine parts. We have, in particular, designed and produced shell core molds for hydraulic-pump-related parts whose inner shape is complicated. For all parts that need to be strong, we propose an optimum metal mold by using know-how nurtured by producing cast molds for external parts of motorcycles.  
For metal molds (gravity molds) for engine injection pumps, a drawing process by hydraulic cylinders or angular pins cannot be applied especially to areas that have an undercut part, and shell cores cannot be used due to the metal mold structure. For such metal molds, we use "placed cores" to eliminate undercut parts. We will put utmost effort into producing products with the shape requested by customers. 
We perform all processes including drawing up metal mold drawings, creating shell cores, creating drawings, and processing metal molds, in-house. We are confident in producing metal molds that have a "joint" between the shell fitting part and the main body drawing part. An example is this metal mold. For product molds of shell cores with a small corner radius and a deep projection, we perform "hybrid processing" that is a combination of high-speed processing and electrospark machining.





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