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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:08


Everything we do is for quality. 

We produce and sell various metal parts, design control mechanisms for mechatronics-related devices, and design and produce machines. Our commercial parts processing department is particularly adept at machining of difficult-to-machine materials and high hardness materials.  We are conducting overseas expansion to spread our Eco-speed production method to Vietnam. 

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We will open up new paths with our technological capabilities and contribute to the future of society.
Next-generation gas pressure welding “Eco speed method”
“Eco Speed” high polymer gas pressure welding is an environmentally friendly and manually operable reinforcing bar gas pressure welding method. 

The oxidization prevention uses a PS ring to enable on-site quality control.
Oxidization can be prevented by sandwiching the PS ring between the edges of the reinforcing bar before pressure welding.  We have passed the Japan Reinforcing Bar Joints Institute’s “standard specifications for gas pressure welding performance” and have received the corresponding technical certification. 

A new environmentally friendly reinforcement bar gas pressure welding method that uses natural gas.
The “Ecowell Method” Class-A natural gas joint pressure welding method reduces CO2 emissions by 60% using clean natural gas.  It also achieves 50% reductions in energy usage. 
Elemental development
We conduct our development by incorporating new factors that we have taken from processing technology.  The Eco Speed method and the iOGENE technique are typical examples of the achievements of this process. We also invest our energy into joint ventures with many partners through the acquisition of a number of patents. 
Component development
We reflected on the role that each component plays, and by adding a geometric element, we have transformed it into a highly functional part with higher performance, even though the appearance is the same.  In addition to designing new products, we can also help you with your existing lineup.  We offer proposals with an artisanal perspective. 

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