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Latest update: 04/02/2020 11:27:47

Tsuchiya Electric Co., Ltd.

Please contact us if you have any issues regarding system development!

Many customers now need more flexible and efficient production systems that make effective use of information possessed by plant and equipment departments in addition to simple automation of individual equipment. We focus on communications application fields in addition to control to sufficiently respond to such needs.

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Business description, products, and technology
Description and features of business
We mainly design and establish FA system control, design and manufacture automatic equipment, and sell FA equipment. In our FA systems business we develop PLC systems as well as microcomputer application systems and CNC equipment, establish robot system control, develop applications for Windows, and provide database services (SQL Server). We can provide a wide range of services for FA systems such as automation of manual processes, equipment improvements, equipment renewal, and repair and inspection.
Overview of main products and technology
We have an extensive track record with general FA systems, including control of aging of computers and automatic inspection lines, control of handlers for IC inspection, and control of air molding and extrusion machines. We have experience with automation systems using various robots, energy saving systems by control of the number of air compressors and inverters, and development of dedicated controllers for wrapping machines (LPC). We have also handled interactive automatic creation systems for CNC equipment processing programs, and snow machine centralized control systems.
For matching
We have an extensive track record regarding system engineering. We stepped into the mechatronics field at an early stage to respond to needs for automation and energy saving for equipment in manufacturing plants. We respond to these needs by integrating control technology with communications technology. Processing instructions or monitoring in the production process are performed by linking controllers for each device. We also developed a remote equipment diagnosis system using public NTT telephone lines. We have extended our activities according to our company philosophy by effectively using control and communications technology to provide better systems with more thorough after-sales services.

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