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Nagano Denzai Co., Ltd. specializes in the insertion molding of super engineering plastic. 

The core of our business is highly precise mold making technology. Our precision molding technologies, particularly our insert molding and super engineering plastic fabrication technology, have been highly praised.  From consultation on plastic product design to the production of dies and molds that maintain long-term high quality, as well as molding, our system will satisfy our customers. 
We are capable of integrated planning and production of everything from mold making to mass production molding. We receive high praise particularly for the precision and durability of our dies and molds.  We are particularly adept at insert molding, hoop molding, and molding using super engineering plastic. 

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Business line
Various molds
Injection molding type, insert molding type, outsert molding type, foam molding type, compression molding type, transfer type, plastic molding type, and compression molding type
We produce plastic molding dies and molds in-house. We produce highly precise dies and molds that are processed after quenching. We have produced more than 4000 molds in the past. 
[Successful examples of our molding dies and molds]
Die and mold for LED hoop molding (Die and mold for molding LED hoop with 384 reflectors, semi-aromatic nylon)
Die and mold for bearing retainer (Multidirectional slide (maximum 37 directions))
Die and mold for optical connector (Die and mold for optical connector)
Insert molded parts
We conduct insert molding using rotary molding machines and continuous insert molding using hoop molding.  With our experience in producing over 2,000 different molds, we can offer optimal combinations of insert parts and resins. 
Insert molding examples
LED reflectors (semi-aromatic nylon and multicavity hoop molding)
Bobbin sealing (66 nylon, solenoid part for automobiles)
Sensor parts (PGT and high-precision sensor parts)
Hard disk actuator parts (insert molding of liquid crystal polymer and air core inductor and thin wire)
Super engineering plastic molded items
We are adept at the molding of super engineering plastics with superior heat resistance and strength.  Our facility is equipped with molding machines that can withstand high temperatures. In addition, we produce dies and molds that can be used at high temperatures in-house to conduct high-precision molding of super engineering plastics.  In addition to PPS and liquid crystal polymers, we produce parts in PEEK, PEI, TPPI and PAI. 
[Examples of super engineering plastics molding]
Gaskets for electric double layer capacitors (PEEK resin, welding-free molding of precision capacitators)
Plungers for ABS (PEEK resin)
Gear parts (PAI (polyamide-imide Torlon))
Automobile steering parts (PEI (Polyetherimide Ultem))
General molded parts
Here is a presentation of common molding products such as lenses, gears, and bearing retainers. 
[Examples of common molding products]
Lenses (Acrylic resin, parts for optical communication in electronic instruments)
Gears (POM resin, automotive parts made with core rotation blanking molds)
Bearing retainers (Nylon resins and molding made using multidirectional slide dies and molds)

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