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Ajinokaioudo Ltd.

KAIODO CORPORATION, being proud of its delicious foods, provides customers with delicious printed Nanbu rice crackers, Nanbu rice crackers, and Hachinohe rice cracker soup.

KAIODO CORPORATION, being proud of its delicious foods, produces Nanbu rice crackers, custom-made printed Nanbu rice crackers, and Hachinohe rice cracker soup in its own rice cracker factory, and sells them. We also handle more than 2,000 types of foods including canned sea urchin and abalone soup, Hachinohe squid rice, dried delicacies, and processed foods made of raw seafood. Our printed rice crackers are made by printing photo images or illustrations on to the Nanbu rice crackers in full color. They are made to order and used for such purposes as small gifts for wedding receptions and small gifts or novelty goods from companies. In addition, due to their high quality, they are favorably used as gifts for birthday parties and people's anniversaries. Since they are produced by our rice cracker factory, we can provide fresh rice crackers.  

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Printed Nanbu rice crackers: Printing images and illustrations on Nanbu rice crackers with edible ink
Printed Nanbu rice crackers produced by KAIODO CORPORATION, which is proud of its delicious foods, is advertised all over Japan in TV commercials on the NHK and commercial channels. They are favorably used for purposes such as small gifts for wedding receptions, for corporate advertisement, and for various other events. 
Product name: Assortment of printed Nanbu rice crackers and feudal warlord rice crackers
Raw materials: Flour, salt, baking soda (expansion agent), and edible ink
Interior content: 1 piece (in a vinyl package)
Preservation method: Keep the product out of direct sunlight, high temperature, and high humidity
JAN 4963759113468
Suitable for small gifts, novelty goods, campaign gifts, bridal gifts, cooperate advertisement, baby gifts, and school entrance and graduation mementos!
We are ready to accept an order for even just one printed Nanbu rice cracker! A full color image will be printed on it!
Nanbu rice crackers
Hachinohe rice cracker soup, which won the gold medal in the Local Gourmet B-1 Grand Prix, is also produced by our factory with a unique manufacturing method. It is very popular thanks to its chewy texture.
Nanbu rice crackers originate in Hachinohe City, Aomori Pref. 
Nanbu rice crackers are produced without oil, do not contain any additive, and are traditional healthy baked goods based on wheat. They have a long history: They were produced for the first time more than 600 years ago in the period of the northern and southern dynasties.
When Emperor Chokei came to the Hachinohe area to rely on a feudal load Nanbu, it was getting dark, and he felt hungry. 
At that time, a follower named Akamatsu kneaded buckwheat flour, grilled it on his helmet, and then offered it to the Emperor. The Emperor praised him greatly for doing so, saying, "Your loyalty and ingenuity are as good as those of Masashige Kusunoki, a legendary warlord."
The technique was inherited to the people of Hachinohe. This is the start of the history of Nanbu rice crackers.
Later, the raw material was changed from buckwheat flour to flour, rice cracker molds began to be used to grill the raw material, a floating-chrysanthemum crest, a Kusunoki family crest, was shown on the front of each Nanbu rice cracker and the Akamatsu family crest was shown on the back. These characteristics have been carried down to the present day.   

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