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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:19

Lasco Japan Co., Ltd.

We offer materials that increase the durability of structures, and also offer environmentally friendly simple foundation construction methods.

We have a leading track record with wooden suspension bridges and other wooden bridges in Japan. We boast the largest number of environmentally friendly simple foundation construction projects in the industry.

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Design and construction of landscape facilities (suspension bridges, wooden bridges, decks, etc.)
Decks made of wooden floorboards are suitable for constructing a pathway or extensive rest area without damaging the natural surroundings regardless of whether it is a mountain or waterside location.
We select from various materials depending on the construction environment and the service life. Materials include Japanese timber, Doozer Wood (recycled timber), steel material, aluminum alloy, and GRP. This is how we use the right material in the right place.

(1) We can use various materials for construction.
(2) We excel at construction suitable for the environment and landscape.
(3) We have an extensive track record ranging from the Dotonbori River to shopping malls.
Simple foundation construction methods
Spike frame construction method
Continuous footing construction method suitable for small structures.

Conventional construction (continuous footing) involves excavating land using heavy machinery, installing frameworks, and casting concrete. Time and effort are required until the concrete is hardened.
This spike frame construction method allows the entire foundation construction process to be performed by human power alone. The use of a BGF part, four pins, and a frame makes it possible to complete the foundation within several hours. This method is quickly adaptable to weak ground. The width of the frame can be easily changed according to the columns of the structure.

We also use the following construction methods.

- Pin foundation (new construction method that can be adapted to various locations while protecting the natural environment)
- Rock foundation (simple foundation for bedrock) (bedrock foundation construction method for boardwalks, decks, arbors, etc.)
- Sleeve pile (simple foundation for fences)
- Hexa-pile (simple foundation for lighting poles)
- Pipe wall (simple earth-retaining construction method for slope disaster prevention, water shielding, etc.)

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