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Achieving "brightness better than that of car models at motor shows" and "durability lasting for several years"!! 

VIEW COAT, the pioneer in glass-based coating materials, was released to the market in 2003. Since then, it has been highly evaluated as a "real coating material." Since its performance has been constantly improving, the performance is highly evaluated by professional car coating workers abroad. This is the strength of this product. Our company, supported by many customers, is the only and number one company that deals in novelty products lacking in rival companies.

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Sales Pitch

"VIEW COAT SERIES," highly evaluated by professional coating workers all over the world!
Your car is coated by glass.
"I want my car to appear as if it were a new car for a long time!"
"I want to make my car shine like a show room car!"
"I do not want to frequently work on my car!"
"I want to reduce the frequency of my car washes. Can I keep my car clean?"
"I want my car to be scratch-free!"
Then, protect your car with pottery-like inorganic matter.
This is the reason why we developed VIEW COAT.
Since the release of VIEW COAT, we have received a total of more than 10,000 reviews according to our concept and reports with photo images from all over Japan. 
VIEW COAT is "not a coating material that will be valued in the future." Rather, it is the next-generation coating material that has received evaluations from several hundred thousand of users for 16 years and continues to revolve today.
You can coat your car with VIEW COAT as if you were applying wax to it. This is the first coating technique in the world that is failure-free. The finished appearance will exceed your expectation. A regular customer says, "We are excited to coat our car with VIEW COAT!" Once the car is coated, the protection effect will last for 3 to 5 years. If you want your car to be shiny for 10 years, your car needs to be coated only a few times during the 10 years. Regular maintenance is unnecessary, and customers are free from restriction. Greater flexibility is offered to customers. 
We are now looking for dealers.

"PRO-Style BEAM" for professional coating shops
We prepare "PRO-2" and "PRO-3" for professional coating shops that require performance better than that of NEW BEAM which is used for general coating.
"PRO-3" especially achieves not only shiny glitter as well as thick protection film, but also an antifouling property comparable to that of Teflon. Cars coated with "PRO-3" are free from iron powders and water scale!
A specialist who attended a pre-introduction test repeatedly cried out, "This is a different dimension!" and "I have never seen any coating material that is better than this!"
This performance lasts for more than 5 years. 
At present, there are 60 "Prosper Shops" that are professional coating shops committed to PRO-3.
You definitely need to experience PRO-3.
Please contact us via our website. 

"Realistic paw pads": Pnitty Mouse
Soft touch…You can feel paw pads in your right hand"
Today, stress is a social issue.
We are releasing a "mouse equipped with paw pads that will soothe you"! (Patented product)
A mouse resembling a cat's foot, a cat's foot functioning as a mouse.
The mouse is creating a great sensation: "It's so cute!"
It is very popular: "Our family members are enjoying the soft touch!"
Please use it with your right hand.



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