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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:49:21

Hirokawa Seisakusyo Co., Ltd.

We quickly perform plastic processing and resin processing from a single article to thousands of pieces

We are an expert in plastic processing and resin processing. We work on manufacturing products according to the purpose of use of our customers. We aim to produce stable, high-quality products while operating machine tools from general-purpose machines to multifunction machines and machining centers with five-face machining equipment. 
We perform turning and rolling of target materials such as block materials and round bars, and cut the processing objects into the desired shape. We select machine tools according to the processing shape and quantity and produce high-quality products by making use of know-how such as blade selection, rotation speed, cutting feed, and cutting depth. 
We make use of the skills of highly skilled craftsmen and advanced CAD/CAM systems as well as processing machines operated by young engineers. We are able to produce products with high quality and accuracy. 
We are very good at ultra-thin-wall processing, micro processing, simultaneous/multi-sided processing, and mirror finishing.

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Company overview
[Business products]
- Synthetic resin cutting 
- Semiconductor-related equipment mechanism parts 
- LCD-related equipment mechanism parts 
- Medical equipment parts 
- Mechanical parts 
- Food equipment mechanism parts 
- Transportation equipment mechanism parts 
- Analysis equipment mechanism parts 
- Aircraft parts 
- Mechanical equipment safety protection covers 
- Chemical tanks 
- Washing tanks 
- Water tanks 
- Prototype model products 
- Inspection jigs 
- Socket jigs and fine processing
[Processing field]
We specialize in resin cutting and plastic processing. We manufacture resin parts for semiconductor devices, chemical tanks, cleaning tanks, water tanks, and resin parts for liquid crystal devices.
[List of plastic cutting products]
Fluororesin, acrylic fiber, polypropylene (PP), PEEK, UNILATE, polyacetal, vinyl chloride, MC nylon, SUMIKASUPER, polyimide, polyamideimide, Paper Bakelite, polybutylene teflate, PET, PPS,
hybrid products, MDS, ultra-high molecular polyethylene, color acrylic (minimal processing)
[Strengths of the company]
We specialize in processing precise and delicate plastic parts, from semiconductor-related parts to medical equipment and parts for transportation. 
Processing is possible from a single item, such as high-mix low-volume production that are costly in molding and prototypes before molding.
[Future development]
Our new main factory started operating on October 1, 2019. 
R&D bases such as the Organic Electronics Innovation Center of Yamagata University are located in the newly relocated industrial park. Our second factory was established within the Yamagata University Business Starting Center for Organic Material in 2018. We are also working on R&D of fluoroplastic welding technology, so we continue enhancing our R&D department.
[Main equipment]
- 5-axis machining center 
- High-precision, high-speed, small-sized fine processing machine 
- Machining center 
- NC milling machine 
- Milling 
- Multi-tasking machine 
- NC lathe 
- Customized lathe 
- Lathe 
- NC router 
- Panel saw 
- Blasting machine 
- Multi-sensor measuring machine 
- CNC image measuring machine 
- Digital microscope 
- Block gauge 
- Pin gauge 
- Test of three-point internal diameter micro hole 
- Outside diameter micrometer 
- Digital calipers 
- Calipers 
- Various other measuring instruments 

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