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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:22:05


We manufacture industrial robots and perform high-precision metal machining.

We are engaged in the robotics business as a system integrator for supplying factory robots as products, as well as the part machining business, manufacturing and mirror-grinding automated equipment parts, bearings holders, and metal products.

In addition to manufacturing robots for attaching and detaching workpieces, aligning and deburring parts, and other operations, we can handle part-machining operations from submicron-order mirror grinding to surface treatment (Kanigen plating, alumite, and blackening), tempering, and welding in-house.

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Business overview
Manufacturing of various robots
We manufacture robots applicable to these purposes:
Processes with repeated simple tasks
Moving and piling heavy objects by hand
Work to eliminate process variation
Reducing workloads and saving personnel expenses
Reducing overhead with unattended nighttime operation
Mechanizing human labor to enable each worker to cover several machines
Part machining
In metal machining, we support a wide range of operations from cutting, polishing, and other machining to precision polishing and mirror grinding, using the nanotechnology that is the pride of our company.

Bearing cases, shaft holders, and other products that we usually machine within our organization can be shipped in as little as two hours.

Our company is committed to reducing lead times in manufacturing.

In addition, we strive to reduce manufacturing costs by reducing workloads and personnel while ensuring secure stable quality.

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