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Latest update: 21/04/2021 13:32:16

Aoya Science Co., Ltd.

We provide integrated support from the manufacture of harnesses and boards to finished units.

We provide integrated support, from the manufacture of panels to finished units, that meets wide-ranging needs from industrial to medical use.

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Harness manufacturing department
We support a wide range of products such as stranded wiring, coaxial cables, multiconductor cables, and flat cables.
We have earned a lot of trust by being able to respond quickly to a wide range of needs, from industrial use to medical use.
We do not forget the origins of monozukuri craftsmanship, and with untiring effort and ambition, we focus on our technical and quality capabilities day-to-day.
Board mounting department
A thorough quality management system that covers everything from electronic parts management to manufacturing, inspection, and shipping.
A state-of-the-art equipment lineup that responds to diverse and advanced needs.
High technical capabilities accumulated over many years.
By combining these, we offer excellent products.
We support a wide range of products, from those for industrial and consumer use to medical use.
Unit assembly department
We support everything from the manufacturing of harnesses and boards, to finished units.

This integrated production system is the greatest attraction of our company. Aoya Science Co., Ltd. has built a lot of trust and an extensive track record through our accumulated expertise and high technical capabilities.
We will continue to strive to gain further trust.

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