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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:47:59

Otsubo Tekko Co., Ltd.

Dependable technology makes your life richer. 

We produce continuous automatic Nori seaweed dryers and offer construction work.  Our fishery machine department produces and sells fully automatic Nori seaweed makers.  Our steel structure department offers a diverse range of types of construction of mainly steel buildings, including commercial buildings, gymnasiums, and collection and distribution centers that produce Nori seaweed, in addition to the design and construction of factories and warehouses. 

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Sales Pitch

A company that continues to open up new possibilities for the future
Reducing labor costs at the production site with a fully automatic nori-making machine
[Sales Department]
The philosophy of our sales department is to always prioritize our customers. We follow a sales policy that focuses on being helpful and polite.  In addition to our sales of fully automatic Nori seaweed makers, we offer full backup to improve your Nori-making with inspections and after-sales maintenance to provide services that satisfy our customers. 

[Manufacturing Department]
The main responsibility of the manufacturing department is the assembly and adjustment of fully automatic Nori seaweed makers. Assembly line construction is mainly conducted our assembly lines between May and October. During the Nori seaweed production period (November to March), we conduct maintenance of the machines. Our skilled and responsible technicians offer quick maintenance. 

[Operations Department]
Our operations department is responsible for ordering materials for the Nori seaweed makers and shipping the machines.  This is an important task that requires constant thought about how to best reduce costs, while ordering several thousand parts without delay or mistakes, in coordination with the manufacturing department. 
Steel-structures department
[Construction department]
We have used our achievements and experiences to enter the elevator facility business. 
Our construction department conducts many diverse types of construction, mainly of steel buildings, including commercial buildings, gymnasiums, and collection and distribution centers of Nori seaweed, in addition to the design/construction of factories and warehouses.  We have installed a range of elevator facilities and devices, including installations at major hospitals. 

Chikugo plain is a region rich with water.  Its ample water, which includes the Chikugo the Yabe Rivers, flows into a dense network of canals that supply water to new farmlands and has been used to cultivate new farmland through reclamation projects in the Ariake sea, and agricultural district rearrangement projects.  How to manage and effectively utilize water is an issue that we have faced from ancient times, and it continues to be an important issue in this era.  Our technological development ability has been demonstrating its potential. Following a theme of “effective usage and management of natural water,” we have been engaging with manufacturers of a diverse range of products in northern Kyushu, including highly precise dust removers, aqueducts that ensure the stable supply of large amounts of water, and floodgates that protect homes and farmlands from disasters. Our department has seen continuous growth, and it received the “Special Construction Award of Fukuoka Prefecture” for its superior technical abilities in 2005.
The electric power business is the first step towards sustainable development
We entered the power generation business as the first step in moving our company toward the future. As part of Kyushu Electric Power's plan to move power lines underground, we have designed and produced cable supporting fixtures for burying electric cables underground since 1986. We have delivered electric power equipment such as cable winders and cable feeders, which are used for improving the safety of construction sites, to the affiliated companies of Kyushu Electric Power. At the same time, we have constructed steel structures for various thermal power plants. In recent years, we have also begun producing the framework for solar power generation, continuing our solid performance. 

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