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Latest update: 21/07/2022 15:55:45

GLOBE Co.,Ltd.

Comprehensive manufacturer of tooling equipment

We are a manufacturer of tooling equipment, the main of which is "GLOBE Brand Drill Chucks", and peripheral equipment. Under the motto, "Producing products that will be selected by clients", we are always committed to high accuracy, functionality, and design. In particular, we have been producing and selling drill chucks, the accuracy of which is superior to that specified by the JIS Standards, for more than 90 years since our foundation. We have been dealing in many non-standard drill chucks, peripheral equipment indispensable to machine tools, and sophisticated custom-made articles, achieving a track record of providing reliable products for our clients.

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Product information
Coolant tube sleeves
New boring bar sleeves for CNC lathes. The boring bar sleeves solve problems related to turning the inner diameter to which coolant cannot easily be sprayed. Coolant paths are made in the guard of the sleeve to allow a lot of coolant to be sprayed along the boring bar to the edge, without the use of an internal oil supply. Connections and complicated pipes are not needed. The sleeves are optimum for unmanned processing. 
[3 advantages]
Point 1: Can be used for various machines regardless of their model years and manufacturers.
Point 2: External oil supply achieves performance which can be compared favorably with that achieved by internal oil supply.  
Point 3: Prolongs chip life and improves cutting chip removal.
Standard sleeves
These are the "standard sleeves" which are boring bar sleeves for CNC lathes and the design of which easily allows coolant to be sprayed onto the boring bar. 
Since the guard of the standard sleeves is cut diagonally, the guard does not block coolant. 
As for the conventional and general boring bar sleeves, because their guard blocks sprayed coolant, parts such as a pipe are complicatedly bent to allow coolant to be sprayed onto the boring bar. The use of a "standard sleeve" more simply and effectively allows coolant to be sprayed onto the boring bar, without the need of changing the way a sleeve is conventionally used.
GLOBE Brand Drill Chucks
For more than 90 years since our foundation, their reliability has not changed, their accuracy has been excellent, and their quality exceeds the quality specified by the JIS Standards. The chucks are the best in the world in terms of product and material types. 
We offer the following two accuracy grades:
-Accuracy Grade A: Up to 0.08 mm
-Accuracy Grade AA: Up to 0.04 mm
The brand name is inscribed on their bodies, and an accuracy certification is attached to them. They are drill chucks with extremely excellent accuracy. Even GLOBE Brand Drill Chucks with Accuracy Grade A (normal grade) undergo a swing test in which test bars thicker than those specified by the JIS Standards are used. GLOBE Brand Drill Chucks with Grade AA have extremely excellent accuracy. They can be used for high-accuracy drilling machines or highly accurate processing with lathes or other machines. GLOBE Brand Drill Chucks can also be used for severe applications.



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