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Please entrust us with your forging and precision-composite forging of parts for automobiles and machines. 

Please let us handle your forging and precision-composite forging of parts for automobiles, motorcycles, construction, and agricultural machines.  Forgetec Kawabe Co., LTD., responds to the requirements of our customers and is working toward further improvement of our high-precision and high-quality forging technology. 

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Forging technology and products by Forge Tech
Closed forging (general forgings)
We use closed die forging methods to produce a range of (circular) gears.  Compared to other forging methods that generate burrs, this requires less cost. We have been supplying products with good material yields to our customers for many years. 
Benefits of closed die forging
Improvement of material yield → Less material cost required
Straightening of outer the diameter (draft angle: 0–0.5 degrees) → Less cutting stock, reduces removal time, and the black scale can be used on the outer diameter.
Metal flow line is not broken → Increases the strength of the product.
Moreover, as there are no external burrs, it only requires one trimming, allowing the entire process to be completed in only three steps. 
Cold forging
This plastic processing method molds metals at room temperature inside a press die by applying pressure with a press. 
As the molding is conducted without applying heat, it enables producing highly precise products with good surface roughness. It also contributes to cost reductions and saves resources by eliminating unnecessary machining.  Moreover, it is more productive than machine processing, and it can be used to produce stronger products as the flow of the fiber makes it hard to break.
Composite forging (precision forging)
We conduct precision forging using a combination method that involves both hot and cold forging, based on the closed die forging structure. We provide products that can accommodate your needs (reduction of total cost, high functionalization of parts). 
<The benefits of adopting combined forging>
Reduces grinding cost 
Eliminates the need for processing of shapes with high machining cost 
Can be used to join two or more parts 
Reduces part weight/size 
Increases parts strength 
Eliminates post-processing 
Improves material yield 
Resource/energy savings 
Reduces required processing facility
Other types of machining and heat treatment
Machine processing
With our factory, which is capable of integrated production of processing from untreated materials, we can accommodate the requirements of our customers and manufacture products with competitive pricing. We are equipped with the latest processing facilities, and we can accommodate tight deadlines. 
Heat treatment
By conducting heat treatment in-house, we can learn the characteristics of the steel.  We are capable of conducting everything from the normalizing of materials to the carburizing of gears in-house.

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