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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:45

Sonas, Inc.

Sonas' wireless technology enables IoT in previously impossible areas.

Our company is a manufacturer that plans, designs, manufactures, and sells hardware, software, and services related to sensing. UNISONet, a self-developed wireless communication technology, allows us to build highly functional and high-performance power-saving multi-hop networks. The new data transfer technology will revolutionize the way IoT has worked and bring a breakthrough to the IoT world.

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By aptly combining two advanced technologies, concurrent transmission flooding and fine-grained scheduling, UNISONet enables us to build highly functional and high-performance power-saving multi-hop networks.

The high-quality sensing realized by UNISONet can be used in various fields such as seismic monitoring of bridges, vibration measurement for preventive maintenance of manufacturing facilities, and plant growth monitoring in farms.
Without tuning the wireless part, you can build a satisfying system, from small-volume sensing such as temperature and humidity to large-volume sensing such as acceleration and images.

Monitoring of Bridges and Buildings
You can monitor structures by taking advantage of UNISONet's feature, time-synchronized lossless data gathering from multiple points, and installing acceleration sensors, strain sensors, and other devices. It is expected to cause an evolution in infrastructure design and reinforcement methods and result in the establishment of new inspection methods.

Monitoring of Manufacturing Facilities and Machinery
Taking advantage of UNISONet's resistance to fluctuations in the radio wave environment and stable communication, you can monitor equipment and machinery in factories with acceleration sensors, temperature sensors, current and voltage sensors, and other devices installed. It can be used for failure prediction and predictive maintenance of manufacturing facilities and machines.

Plant Growth Monitoring on Farms
Taking advantage of UNISONet's power-saving features and its ability to accommodate a large number of units, you can install temperature/humidity sensors, illumination sensors, and other devices to monitor the growth of plants in farms and greenhouses. It is expected to improve the efficiency of agriculture.

Other Features
The characteristics of UNISONet, such as stability, power saving, high speed, bi-directional low latency, losslessness, time synchronization, and multiple accommodation, are strongly required in areas other than sensing.
Wireless Vibration Measurement System for Structures and Infrastructure Facilities
We can solve the issues of structural maintenance and construction monitoring using the Wireless Vibration Measurement System. The system allows you to grasp the condition of aging infrastructure facilities and damage caused by disasters based on the vibration of structures. It can be installed in various infrastructure facilities such as bridges, buildings, and civil engineering structures.

This system is used to measure the vibration of bridges such as piers and girders. Because of features such as time-synchronized measurement, data losslessness, and power saving, the system is used for seismic measurement and health monitoring of bridges.

[Examples of Use]
Cable tension survey
Various vibration measurements of bridge piers, etc.

The system is used to measure vibration in office buildings and condominiums. With features such as time-synchronized measurement, wireless communication across multiple floors, and measurement of micro-vibration, the system is used for the health monitoring of buildings.

[Examples of Use]
Office buildings
Condominiums, etc.

Civil Engineering Structures
This system is used to measure the vibration of civil engineering structures such as concrete structures and steel towers. In addition to concrete and steel civil engineering structures, it is also used to monitor the condition of power equipment such as incidental motors.

[Examples of Use]
Civil engineering structures
Railroad facilities
Incidental equipment such as motors, etc.
Wireless Monitoring System for Manufacturers
This system realizes wireless sensing with the same high quality as wired sensing. It enables consistent monitoring even at manufacturing sites where people and objects move frequently.

With the latest IoT wireless technology, there is no need for complicated radio tuning. Just install the device where you want to measure. Its excellent power-saving feature allows year-long measurements and does not require wiring.

Bidirectional low latency
Upstream/downstream communication is possible, and command signals are transmittable.
Delay is within one second

Low power consumption
Continuous operation on one battery for years
Eliminates the need for signal and power wiring

Stable connection
Covers a large area of a factory
Redundant communication paths in environments with many obstacles

Time synchronization
Centralized management of existing facilities and equipment scattered over a wide area
Additions can be made later

Accommodates a large number of facilities
Centralized management of existing facilities and equipment scattered over a wide area
Additions can be made at a later date

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