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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:48

Suzuki Industry Co., Ltd.

Design and Manufacture of High Quality and High Strength Automotive Press Dies

Our company designs and manufactures press dies for automobiles, utilizing high-precision CAE analysis. We have self-developed schedule management software, which allows us to grasp and coordinate individual employees' work across the company. The system helps us ensure that deadlines are met.

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Features of Our Company
Quality Improvement Through Highly Accurate CAE Analysis
To improve the quality of press dies, it is essential to enhance the accuracy of CAE analysis. We have a track record of utilizing press-forming analysis ahead of other companies even when CAE analysis was not yet widespread among businesses of our size. Through molding analysis based on that experience and know-how, we successfully improved the accuracy of spring back prediction for 980 Mpa class high-tensile steel. The time to delivery was also shortened because the dies were not modified as often. Furthermore, we are conducting joint research with Gunma Industrial Technology Center and the National Institute of Technology, Gunma College, trying to further enhance the accuracy of analyses.
Shortened Delivery Time by Parallel Processing
To shorten the delivery time, we implemented a parallel processing system in which "casting of the die foundation (die base)" and "machining of the die shape part" are performed in parallel. This eliminates the waiting time for machining of the die shape part (at least 30 days until the casting of the die base is complete), which used to occur in the past, successfully reducing the machining lead time by 40%.
Cost Reduction by Unattended Primary Processing
We are working to make primary processing unattended to reduce costs. Automation of primary processing makes it possible to operate with no personnel at night and on holidays. As a result of shortened delivery times and reduced labor costs, we have achieved significant cost reductions. We will continue to promote unattended operations in other manufacturing processes, aiming for faster and cheaper operations.

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