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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:49:20

Maruhashi Tekko Co., Ltd.

We can manufacture many iron products.

Our main business is manufacturing steel beds for hotels, electric nursing beds for individuals, vehicles and equipment for defense equipment, chair storage trolleys, and sports equipment. Our products are used throughout Japan. We have skilled workers from a wide range of ages, and we manufacture materials from scratch and manufacture all products in-house. Recently we have been investing in equipment, such as introducing the latest 3D laser processing machines, welding machines, and press machines. We are a supplier to major companies and we supply reliable products. We are also engaged in industry-university-government joint product development, and we are actively developing new products.

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Sales Pitch

Steel beds
Beds that require high safety, functionality, and durability
Our company offers steel bed pedestals for various applications. 
Electric beds are indispensable in medical and nursing industries. Our steel bed pedestals feature high safety and functionality and satisfy all your needs.
Outdoor cooker trucks
The environment is severe at the scene of a disaster and there is a battle against time. 
Outdoor cooker trucks manufactured by our company are equipped with technology and know-how cultivated in the field, and reliably demonstrate their performance in severe operating environments. 
- Equipped with 6 rice cookers and cooking devices on a 1-ton trailer. Main dishes and side dishes for 200 people can be cooked within 45 minutes. 
- It has an automatic ignition mechanism and fire extinguishing mechanism as safety mechanisms in addition to non-ignition prevention and extinguishing prevention mechanisms.
Lockers for locker rooms
Our products satisfy all functions required for lockers for locker rooms, including sports lockers. 
The lockers for locker rooms manufactured by our company are not limited to sports lockers. They are designed to satisfy customer needs with high air permeability, space-saving, and functionality. 
- We receive drawings of the installation location and so on from customers, and we propose optimal arrangements and functionality. 
- We assist you from the planning stage and provide product drawings and layouts.

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