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Our company specializes in die and mold making, injection molding, decoration (film forming), and assembly of plastic products. 

In addition to automotive parts made using plastic and decorative film molding, we produce industrial humidifiers and food heaters.  We invented the first film that can be used as a substitute for metal plating in the world.  It is used in cars made by HONDA.  We are capable of integrated production, from prototype to mass production.  We are capable of various types of film molding (TOM molding, IMD molding). 

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Metallic film with gasoline resistance and moldability
We developed the first film decoration method that can be used to coat plastics with metallic bioplastic in the world. 
This film decoration method replaces conventional metal plating. Its characteristics include weight reduction, radio wave transmissivity, and optical transparency.
It also satisfies the specifications for the exterior parts used by Japanese carmakers. 
It can be applied to many products other than interior and exterior parts for automobiles. 
Application Example (1) of TOM molding
TOM molding using metallic films that satisfy the specifications for automobile exteriors.

This is a TOM molding product that uses a newly developed film that is both nonconductive and satisfies the specifications for automobile exteriors and has a hue and luminance equal to chrome plating. It has been adapted for the metallic outer handle parts that are used in smart entry HONDA vehicles sold in North America. (This is the first product of its type used in a HONDA vehicle in the world.)
Application Example (2) of TOM molding
TOM molding uses metallic film on magnesium die cast parts.

To achieve the chromium-free, corrosion-resistant surface treatment of magnesium allow that also ensures water-tightness of the product itself, TOM molding products use a metallic film that was adapted for the first time for a magnesium die cast part for a medical equipment manufacturer.

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