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A start-to-finish production that includes the designing as well as the producing of various industrial equipment, producing big cans, and performing machine processing

Please entrust SUNMEC CORPORATION with the designing and producing of various industrial equipment such as inspection equipment, testers, automatic machines, dedicated machines, and labor-saving devices. We have rich experience in designing, manufacturing, various inspections, and quality control in fields in which safety as well as reliability are required.  

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Sales Pitch

Introducing the business lineup, products, technologies, etc.
Business lineup and strengths
Starting with stainless steel cans, we excel at painting, assembling, and welding large-sized cans. We have produced parts and equipment for famous electronic manufacturers, rail car manufacturers, power plants, etc. Being involved in important social infrastructures, we can meet customer needs with high-value added products. In particular, unlike our rival companies, we can conduct conceptual design, welding, machine processing, equipment assembly, circuit design, electrical control, and on-site installation in an integrated fashion. Thanks to this advantage, we have gained a good reputation from customers.  
Outlines of our products and technologies
We have strength in "design proposal capabilities," "integrated production," and "factory equipment." As for design proposal capabilities, we meet with our customers and discuss required functions, specifications, conditions, etc. in and after the planning stage and can design, develop, as well as produce equipment. As for integrated production, we have established a system in which we can conduct processing that is indispensable to equipment as well as can production in an integrated fashion, all within our company. Performing multiple working processes in-house enables us to meet short deadlines for trial production or quickly produce prototypes. As for factory equipment, we have a painting factory, a factory dedicated to stainless steel, a material cutting factory, a machine processing factory, and an assembly factory equipped with a 20-t crane.   
For matching
Since our foundation in 1939, we have worked hard under the slogan, "Safely, swiftly, accurately, and carefully." In an integrated fashion, we have been performing design and development, precisely producing cans of various materials, and performing shotblasting, painting, assembling, as well as quality control. Furthermore, we have high technical capabilities that we have nurtured over many years and equipment that matches the needs of the time. We have been producing high-quality products in short delivery times and at low cost by utilizing these factors and our rich experience. Through these activities, we have gained tremendous support and trust from customers as well as involved parties in various fields and steadily made progress. Hereafter, we  would like to further contribute to our customers and to society by utilizing our long years of tradition, rich experience, excellent technologies, and leading-edge equipment. Your continued support will be highly appreciated. 

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