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Yamazaki Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

Our company works with strengths in people, proposal abilities, the production site, and response abilities.

We offer strong design skills in addition to metal processing technology. Our original Sandaime Bankinya brand manufactures products from interior goods to hairpins. Our processing covers from integrated production of products, including surface treatment and assembly work, to part production.

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Sales Pitch

Our company's strengths are people, proposal abilities, the production site, and response abilities.
Our company is a small-town factory that has been accumulating technology in the local area. 

This is how we can freely perform unconventional sheet metal processing. 
Here are some of our strengths that realize freedom in sheet metal processing. 

A new sheet metal shop was born by combining the power of people, proposal abilities, the production site, and response abilities. 

■ People
We are a company that you can communicate with. Our engineers as well as salespeople have good conversations with customers. 
We are a company where technology is passed down. Engineers in their 20s to 70s work together on-site to convey their skills. Our major feature is that women are active in the field of engineering and development. 

We are a unique company in which various human resources make improvements and play an active role. 

■ Proposal abilities
We propose cost reduction and efficient product making, but our specialty is design. 
Our concept is that we want to make something cool, and this is how we have earned our reputation. 
The field of our proposals has expanded from sheet metal design to machine tool design. 
Our company has evolved with its fascinating development and engineering capabilities. 

■ Production site
Our company’s production site is full of a high awareness of Monozukuri craftsmanship. High-performance machine tools realize our concept. 
We enhance our on-site capabilities by supporting digitalization, and connecting CAD/CAM via a network. 
We can quickly respond to various modifications. 

Our machines work efficiently and human engineers demonstrate their abilities. 
We can operate machines 24 hours a day by automation so we can increase production capacity while maintaining high technical capabilities. 

■ Response capabilities
Our company has a speedy system that does not make customers wait. 
We realize quick deliveries with efficient work and immediately provide a quotation before receiving an order. 
We continue to improve our responsiveness so that our company will be selected. 

We are actively performing high-mix low-volume production that requires time and effort in addition to mass production. 
We carefully finish single items such as an artwork. 
We have extensive experience in materials and we can handle various types, so please contact us.
Sandaime Bankinya
Armor and sword craftsmen were brought together in Suruga from all over Japan by Tokugawa Ieyasu after he retired as shogun. 
We have roots in the technology and sensibility of our predecessors, called "metal artists.” Our company's Sandaime Bankinya product brand was established to pass down our technology to the next generation. 

We refine basic techniques of cutting, striking, and bending, and finish delicate designs more beautifully. 

We realize unprecedented beauty with metal. 
We will deliver a new shine to your life from a factory in a Shizuoka town.
Business overview
■ Precision sheet metal processing
We handle processing from integrated production of products, including surface treatment and assembly work, to part production. 

We use state-of-the-art equipment to achieve efficient and speedy production as planned. 
We possess high-performance machines. This includes a laser punch combined machine that can perform laser processing and punching at the same time, and a YAG laser welding machine that beautifully finishes thin sheets with little distortion. We also promote productivity improvement by shortening the processing preparation time using a VPSS (virtual prototyping system) provided by Amada. 
We respond to needs for high-precision parts and high-mix low-volume production at a high level. 

Examples of processing: 
Laser punch composite processing, saucepan processing, bender bending, argon welding, semi-automatic welding, laser welding, spot welding, stud welding, polishing, assembly, post-processing (plating, painting, anodizing, black coloring, phosphate conversion coating, pickling, buffing, silk printing etc.)

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