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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:21:48


We settle issues with making products thinner and lighter.

We manufacture precision thin-wall products. We realize a stable supply of products for manufacturers of cameras, PCs, electronic parts, medical equipment, automotive parts, and so on. We achieve this with our advanced technology, experience, and ingenuity, such as pressing parts with no burrs, no deformation, and no contamination, which is considered difficult in machining thin products.

Please contact us if you have any issues with machining precision thin-wall parts, regardless of materials such as metal, nonferrous metal, resin, and so on.

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Sales Pitch

We spare no effort to settle issues such as weight reduction, thinness, and miniaturization.
Careful analysis and study during design and development
Proposing solutions to settle your issues

Based on the results of analysis and study, we propose appropriate shapes, machining methods, and processes according to your required specifications and quality as well as performance requirements, and lead you to a production system that is even more effective and capable of maintaining higher quality.
Meticulous prototyping support
High-quality and low-cost prototyping at the same time
We think of prototyping as something beyond the general framework, including prototyping for mass production,  prototyping for quality assurance, and prototyping to minimize costs. This includes mass production feasibility evaluation, process efficiency improvement, and consideration of necessary jigs and tools. That is our concept of prototyping.
Pursuing high efficiency in developing and mass-producing jigs and tools.
Development of jigs and tools that makes the most of our technology

We strive to save labor, save personnel, and increase quality by providing jigs and tools for various kinds of secondary machining that make the most of our technology for pressing, assembly, high-precision part machining, and mold manufacturing.

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