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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:00

Ogino Industrial co.,ltd.

Our FACTORY turns your dream into FACT. 

Since our establishment in 1941 as an automotive parts manufacturer, we have been developing, producing, and selling engine parts for automobiles, construction and agricultural machines, and hydraulic parts. 
Ogino Kogyo decided to enter the aerospace business and has recently obtained certification in the aerospace quality management system “AS9100 (JISQ9100).” We continue to pursue high quality in the aerospace field and provide safe products that satisfy our customers. 

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Plastic forming technology
1. High-precision composite cold heading technology that uses a variety of heading methods and mold design techniques. 
2. Size and thickness reduction processing methods that utilize work hardening.
3. Weight-reduction forging technology (pipes, small-diameter products, and two-stage drilling) that utilizes drilling techniques. 
4. Thin screw rolling, pipe bending, extruding, and deep drawing. 
Surface-treatment/heat-treatment technology
1. Heat treatment technology that provides wear-resistance properties in steel surfaces. 
2. Surface treatment technology that reduces the frictional coefficient of steel. 
Precision machining technology
1. Technology for the improvement of surface roughness of hard materials (hard turning/burnishing/electrolytic abrasive grain polishing) 
2. Sphere heading/sphere grinding technology/sphere caulking technology
3. Super-fast machining technology/various unusual shape grinding technology/joint grinding technology
4. Low temperature brazing/rotary friction friction pressure welding (different metals)
5. Electric discharge small diameter hole processing technology
6. Modeling with 3D CAD, die and mold/jig design
Pipe manufacturing
Oil jets (piston cooling engine parts)
ADC oil jets
Cold forged products/spherical polishing product
Valve systems (various hydraulic control engine parts)
Push rods (Power-transmission engine parts)
Pistons for piston pumps (Hydraulic parts)
Various parts
Shafts (power transmission parts)
Body actuators (engine parts for brakes)
Synchronizer pins (transmission parts)
Rods (hydraulic parts)

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