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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:49:21

KSK Corporation

We do exactly what is right

We monitor the life of structures, with a focus on the maintenance and management of concrete structures. We provide correct inspections, accurate diagnoses, and prompt responses, such as investigation, continuation, analysis, diagnosis, repair, and reinforcement design and countermeasures.

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Description of business
■ Various services related to steel structures and concrete structures
- Examination of maintenance plans for concrete structures
- Preparation of maintenance manuals
- Appearance inspections (high-precision digital camera)
- Rebar corrosion investigations (natural potential method, polarization resistance method)
- Investigation of floating and peeling (impact elastic wave method, ultrasonic method)
- Reinforcement surveys (electromagnetic radar method, electromagnetic induction method)
- Concrete strength (core sampling, rebound method)
- Concrete quality evaluations (core sampling, ultrasonic method)
- Development of non-destructive inspection methods for concrete structures
- Development of quality performance evaluation technology for concrete structures
- Construction of database systems for maintenance and management of concrete structures
- Concrete physical/chemical tests (compression strength test, chloride ion concentration measurement, EPMA analysis, and so on)
- Evaluation and judgment of deterioration prediction and so on based on survey results
- Repair design and repair plan formulation based on survey results
- Proposals for repair methods
- Evaluation of quality and applicability of repair materials
- Creation and management of construction plans for repair and reinforcement work
- Seismic reinforcement design
- Temperature stress analysis
■ Advisory services
- Provision of technical information
- Technical education for the development of human resources and guidance on various qualification examinations
- Preparation of technical training business and presentation materials
■ Rental and sales of various test equipment
- Non-destructive inspection equipment, soil and concrete testing equipment, environment and pollution, and so on
■ Construction industry
- Construction management
■ Worker dispatch business, paid employment placement business
- Dispatching of engineers
- Dispatching of qualified researchers

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