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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:45,ltd,

We have a mass-production cutting technology with a machining accuracy of ±0.002 μm in outer diameter.

Our company is a lathe processing manufacturer of precision parts ranging from resins to difficult-to-cut metals. We can manufacture a wide range of components for various industries such as automotive, medical, and aircraft, handling a single-piece prototype for mass production to the mass production of 200,000 pieces per month.

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Production Capacity
[Machining Accuracy]
The machining accuracy by NC lathe in mass production is ±0.002 μm in outer diameter.

[Quality Control]
Quality control is carried out in a temperature-controlled inspection room by our dedicated staff using specialized equipment such as 3D measuring machines, contour measuring machines, and image dimensional measuring machines. We diligently work on modification management and process control, following our customers' management standards and ISO 9001:2008.

[Processing Outer Diameter]
With an NC automatic lathe with feeder, round bars up to 3 m in length can be processed from φ3 to φ42 (max. 8-inch chuck). In the case of NC lathes, up to about φ150 can be processed (max. 8-inch chuck).

[Processing Quantity]
We accept orders for single-piece prototyping for mass production to 200,000 pieces/month mass production.

[Order Items]
Automotive parts, hydraulic equipment parts, parts for medical use, aircraft parts, industrial machinery parts, parts for government agencies, etc.
Product Information
[Combined Processing Items]
We can process products that require a combination of different machining processes, such as cross holes, end-face holes, notches, and D-cutting.

[Shafts for Automobiles]
We have experience in machining shafts from φ3 to φ32 and up to 800 mm in length.

[Pins for Automobiles and Hydraulic Equipment]
We can process various pins to meet product requirements, including eccentric, difficult-to-cut materials, post-heat treatment, and polishing.

[Processing of Various Automotive Products]
We offer post-processing of cold-forged products and processing of products made from various materials.

[Pipe-Shaped Parts]
We can process precision parts from pipe materials.

[Spools for Hydraulic Equipment]
Using difficult-to-cut materials, we can process complex spool shapes with a single chuck.

[Parts for Medical Equipment]
We can mass-produce disposable products for dental use and have experience in processing various materials such as SUS.

[Titanium Alloy Parts]
Mass production of precision parts using titanium alloys such as Ti-6AL-4V is available.

[Precision Aluminum Parts]
We have a track record of mass-processing various shapes from various aluminum materials.
Processing Materials



[Difficult-to-Cut Materials]
Ti-6AL-4VV/Inconel 600/31CrMoV9



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