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Latest update: 21/12/2022 13:49:51

Adventec K.K.

A barrier-free society through the power of IT

Serving mainly the insurance, public, financial, and medical fields, we engage in system development and construction, system planning and proposals, website production, as well as system operation support. Our business handles everything from internal problems to various consultations, planning and proposals, construction, and operational services for IT, websites, and the like.


Sales Pitch

From strong system development to detailed support, we can handle it!
System development and construction
We have mainly handled a wide range of internal systems for enterprises and web systems for consumers. 
Our track record mainly consists of system development based on open and modern IT environments, from open client-server systems to web systems, smartphone and tablet app development, and more. 
The following lists some examples. 

Reconstruction of export insurance system
Environment: Linux, Oracle, Java, SpringFramework

[Public Service]
Development of national health insurance management system
Environment: Linux, Tomcat, Oracle, C#, C++, Java, shell, PL/SQL, Android Java
Development of human resource and payroll system
Environment: Java, Spring-Boot, Oracle, DBFlute
System Development for Public Interest Incorporated Association
Environment: Windows Server, IIS, SQLServer, Access, C#, VB.NET

Development of retail foreign exchange trading system
Environment: Linux, Tomcat, JBoss, Oracle, MySQL, Java, shell, C++ 

Reconstruction of mock examination system (lump-sum contract)
Environment: Linux (AWS), Apache, MySQL, PHP, Laravel

Development of car sharing system (lump-sum contract)
Environment: Linux (AWS), Apache, MySQL, PHP, CakePHP, Web apps (css, js), 

and others
Planning/proposals and website production for companies and businesses
We provide a wide range of services from planning and proposals and support during considerations up to manufacturing, construction, and operational support - all tailored to your business policy and budget. 

Web site development for a company selling and managing nursing care condominiums
Web site reconstruction for an environment-related company
Operational planning, proposal, and construction of a shopping site

and others.
System operation and management support
We can undertake the operation of existing systems. 
We can also undertake operations using these systems. Please feel free to contact us at any time. 
The following lists some examples. 

Reward point site system operation
Corporate health checkup system operation
Corporate human resources management system operation
Online shop system operation
Member information management and operation support of various types

and others.

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