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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:06

Taisyo Optics Co., Ltd.

The expertise acquired through 40 years of dedication to optics. 

We produce optical thin film and parts for optical lenses.  We are also actively developing new products such as optical functional film (antistatic, low reflection ND, water repellent).  Our products are used in a diverse range of applications, such as engineering, electric machines, instrumentation, measurement, in-vehicle devices, and aircraft. 

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Centering and edging method, production of optical thin films, and optical components
At Taisho Optical, we offer an integrated service that includes the supply of lenses and prisms, centering, vacuum deposition, and joining.  We are capable of centering from Φ0.55 up to Φ600.  In the field of vacuum deposition, we are developing optical functional films such as oil/water repellent coatings (stain prevention) and antistatic coatings, in addition to antireflection films and dichroic filters. 
Electric machines
We manufacture optical parts that are built into various production machines, processing devices, and lighting equipment.  In addition to optical lenses, we offer a diverse range of products that includes prisms and filters.  We invest our energy particularly in thin-film production through centering molding and vacuum deposition. We provide them for the specifications for optical lenses, filters, and mirrors that demand particularly high precision. 
It is widely used in measuring devices and inspection devices that use lights and lasers. With vacuum deposition, we can produce optical thin film that guarantees nm-level reproducibility.  Moreover, if you need to control the polarization, please specify your requirements, such as polarization-free, P-polarization, or S-polarization. We will then produce beam splitters and half mirrors that meet your specifications. 

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