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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:17

Tobe Seiko Co., Ltd.

We have been improving our techniques as an expert plastic cutting company since our foundation

We are sure to achieve a tolerance at the one-hundredth level in ambient-temperature measurement, and also to complete products of any complex 3D form.
We are a manufacturer specialized in cutting plastic parts used in medical equipment, food machines, communication devices, semiconductor applications, and so on. We manufacture high-precision, high-quality parts, and flexibly satisfy requirements ranging from prototyping and small-lot production to mass production.

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Sales Pitch

We possess equipment including five-axis MC, five-axis combined lathing, and double-column MC devices.
For customer satisfaction
1. High-precision, high-quality complex 3D machining
- We possess many units of industry-leading equipment.
 Our skilled engineers can responsibly undertake complex 3D machining.
- We can achieve a tolerance at the one-hundredth level in ambient-temperature measurement.

2. Flexible services ranging from prototyping and small-lot production to mass production 
- We undertake prototyping and small-lot production.
- We continue to stably supply products according to a quality standard even if they are in small lots and need to be continuously produced. 
- Our entire group works to carry out mass production if necessary. 

3. Short turnaround and cost reduction
- We have many units of equipment operating 24 hours a day and handle urgent requests.

- We have a fully prepared inspection system, so we can responsibly offer stable product quality.
We simultaneously achieve high machining accuracy, quality improvement, high efficiency, and cost reduction
We possess five-axis combined lathing, five-axis machining center, and large double-column machining center equipment. 

Five-axis combined lathing
- High-accuracy, high-quality complex 3D form machining.
- We complete the entire machining process with almost one chuck. This allows us to improve accuracy and to reduce setting time to shorten machining time, resulting in cost reduction. 

Large double-column machining center
- We possess three double-column machining centers that have a large table with dimensions of 1,600 × 2,800, so we can handle plastic of any size.

Five-axis machining center
- Our five-axis machining center has 10 pallets, so it can operate 24 hours a day.
 It serves as a weapon for cost competitiveness.

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