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Latest update: 04/02/2020 11:27:44

Genexh Inc.

Creating a world no one has ever seen: We are creating a world beyond the imagination through IT

We take smartphones for granted now, but they did not exist in the world ten years ago. “A world no one has ever seen” means that products and services that do not exist now will not be uncommon in the future. We will continue to create new things to enrich our lives.

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Business description and overview of products and technology
Description and features of business
We are developing our three businesses under a theme of “promotion.” Firstly, we run a digital signage business in which we rent and sell digital signage. Secondly, we run a content design business in which we create content that is distributed by digital signage and resolve customer issues with design. This includes creating flyers and company profile brochures. Lastly, we run a website creation business in which we create Web content including websites. We offer optimal solutions by thoroughly understanding customer needs and issues.
Overview of main products and technology
Our self-ordering system enables integrated management of orders from customers who used to order products by means of paper forms and the like. Order information can be printed on a slip by a kitchen printer installed in the necessary section, such as the reception counter or kitchen in a hotel. Human error can be eliminated and products can be reliably delivered to customers. 
Previously it was necessary to install one tablet terminal for each guest room when introducing the ordering system. There were problems regarding costs for adopting the terminals, and other management issues such as charging, failures, theft, deletion of personal information, and the like. We developed our Todoroku ordering system to resolve these issues, in which orders are placed via a user's smartphone. This makes it possible to minimize capital investment for introduction of an ordering system.
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We have focused on IT and products such as digital signage, content design, and website creation since we started our business. We respond to customer issues at all times and continue to consider what we can do and what kinds of services we can provide. We believe that we should continue to take on new challenges to grow and evolve to provide better solutions in this evolving era with AI (artificial intelligence) and RPA (automation of operations). We will continue to promptly provide valuable solutions. Our management objective is to continue to be a company trusted by customers through these challenges.

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