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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:22:49

Daiichi Denki Corporation.

Next-generation hydraulic drive units that overcome the shortcomings of existing hydraulic drives and maximize their advantages

We are a manufacturer developing precision control equipment for hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical systems.

We offer contract hardware and software numerical control development using servo control technology, for hybrid actuators, precision press equipment, material testing equipment, control equipment for steel plants, and so on.

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HySerpack hybrid actuator
The HySerpack hybrid actuator is a unit-type hybrid actuator that improves on the shortcomings of conventional hydraulic drives, making it easier to use and easier to assemble.

It is a next-generation hydraulic drive system that saves energy and reduces environmental impact by eliminating piping that causes oil leaks, eliminating the use of control valves that cause complicated piping, using very little hydraulic oil and allowing the use of flammable oil even in hazardous areas, and drastically reducing power consumption.

In addition, it is a hydraulic servo control system that employs a full-scale feedback control system.

Cost advantages
(1) No need for any hydraulic work as there is no hydraulic source device, control valve, or piping.
(2) Running costs are drastically reduced due to power consumption that matches the workload.

Environmental benefits
(1) Compact size, high performance, high output, high accuracy, low noise, and high efficiency provide outstanding energy-saving effects.
(2) No cooling drainage and maintenance-free disposal of hydraulic oil waste for a dramatic reduction in environmental impact.
Plumb bob hydraulic 200 kN standard unit (load cell calibrator)
Force Standard FS200

In the past, the only way to measure force was with a deadweight.

It is true that force can be measured by using gravity, but when measuring several hundred kN, it requires very large equipment.

This may be fine for use at weighing certification centers, but for easy force measurement in the private sector, a compact and lightweight product is required.

We have developed a force reference unit that does not use deadweights, but instead uses a verified load cell as a reference unit, and by feeding back the output, precisely controls the hydraulic pressure to generate an accurate thrust.

Therefore, you can easily calibrate your load cells using this unit.

It can also be used as a reference unit to generate an accurate thrust force.

Thrust force: 200 kN
Resolution: ±200 ppm
Display: 0 to 199.99 kN

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