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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:21:49

Takeishi Alloy Tool Co.,Ltd.

Screw thread cutting, mold cavities, cores, and carbide molds

We manufacture and sell plastic, pressed, diecast, rubber, cold- and hot-rolled forged mold parts, jigs, and precision machine parts. 

We make various suggestions according to your needs as well as cost and lead time requirements, such as in-house machining and transactions with overseas suppliers.

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Five features of our company
(1) Manufacturing mold cores and cavities 
A mold surrounds an item to be molded and consists of convex and concave parts.

The convex part is a core.
The concave part is a cavity.

The core and cavity, which are the central parts of a mold, are the most important parts in manufacturing a mold.

With our technical expertise, we can undertake precision part production such as micron-order processing. 
(2) Thread grinding
In our screw grinding we excel at griding special screws with extremely high precision.

Products manufactured with our screw grinding are used in various important fields such as automobiles, machine tools, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, aircraft, and academic research.

Our machinery in combination with skilled craftsmanship produces products with even higher precision, and this has earned the trust of our customers.
(3) Carbide machining (angular and round machining)
We have been accumulating know-how for machining carbide alloys for more than 35 years since our foundation, and we can manufacture mold parts with various shapes using wire EDM. Please contact us even if your product design idea has been declined by another manufacturer.

We will address your inquiries with our technology, regardless of whether it concerns angular or round machining.
(4) Affiliated factories overseas (China and Vietnam)
Our company has affiliated factories overseas, in China and Vietnam. In recent years, the technical capabilities of overseas factories have improved dramatically, and we have factories with high technology that can meet the needs of customers who are concerned about quality. If you are concerned about delivery time and cost, please contact us.
(5) Precision machining
We machine materials with dimensional tolerance, circularity, concentricity, cylindricality, perpendicularity, parallelism, deflection, and other geometric tolerance on the order of microns.

We make use of profile grinding and all kinds of machinery and equipment to manufacture products with high precision.

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