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Latest update: 04/02/2019 10:43:30

Air and Aqua Co., Ltd.

Our company proposes improvements for the atmospheric environment, water resources, and underground environments, and sells materials.

Our company processes scrubber filling materials, filter materials, and mist separators. We create molds by considering uses and installation sites. We also design various wastewater treatment systems case-by-case.

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Introduction of our main filter products
Saran Lock OM-150, OS-180, OS-120, OS-100, CS-100, CS-120: Saran Lock is a Saran resin specially processed to have a great many characteristics even among synthetic resins. This resin has many excellent advantages such as good drainage, incombustibility, chemical resistance, workability, and dust collection. These advantages mean that the resin is used for fish-farming filters, public pollution prevention filters, and various other purposes.
Vini Lock: Our Vini Lock chemical fiber lock has excellent incombustibility, chemical resistance, and water resistance because it is composed of vinyl chloride resin and vinylidene chloride resin. This product is particularly resistant to corrosion by salt and acid water. The great porosity allows air and liquid to pass through with very small resistance. The very large surface area enables easy adsorption and collision of large particles and mist. These excellent chemical and physical properties make this filter material popular in a wide range of fields from mist separators to scrubber filling materials and water drop sound absorbing materials.
Palm Lock: Palm Lock is made of palm fibers. Palm fibers are processed into elastic bodies and chemically combined using natural rubber latex and synthetic latex. This lock material has great potential because it is made of natural fibers and applicable to various uses. Palm Lock now plays an active role as a multi-use material such as a filtering or cushioning material and as a civil engineering material. This is done by making the most of its great potential and characteristics.
Introduction of our wastewater treatment products
Aggregation and flotation devices: Large sewage treatment equipment is necessary for biologically treating high-concentration oils and suspended matter. However, ordinary biological treatment is enough for sewage treatment if oils and suspended matter are removed at a prior stage. Separation is generally done by precipitation or flotation if there is a large amount of oil and suspended matter in water. Our company mixes positive ions, air, and negative ions in piping and separates floating sludge and treatment water in the last flotation tank. The flotation tank is compact because aggregation, flotation, and separation are completed in about five minutes.
Small to medium methane fermentation plants: The method of fermenting and decomposing organic matter using methane bacteria has long been known. This is said to be the only method of treating high-concentration sewage. However, the bacteria growth rate is low so it takes about one month until the completion of fermentation and decomposition. This is why large equipment installation areas and expensive storage and treatment equipment used to be necessary for storing sewage for one month. Our company increases the bacteria concentration in a fermentation tank filled with rock materials. Fermentation is usually completed in about four to seven days because of the high fermentation rate. This is why the necessary equipment can be installed at about a quarter of the usual installation expense. The amount of gas available is about 1.5 times greater because the filling materials keeps the bacteria at a high concentration. Conversion of high-concentration sewage to gas occurs more than usual, and sewage with lower concentration than ordinary sewage is drained. This makes the final treatment easy and reduces the cost.
Rotating disk type treatment system: Excess sludge used to be a bottleneck for a high-concentration sewage treatment method based on biotechnology using organisms. Our system uses a method that has steadily solved the issue of excess sludge by making use of the characteristics of the organisms themselves. The method has a track record of achievements and is highly evaluated. The system’s advantages include low excess sludge extraction volume because of self-digestion, minimal chemicals damaging the environment, and high efficiency by saving cost and space. Maintenance is easy, and there is no secondary pollution like noise or odors. The system also comes in many variations.
Self-digestion system: Saran® fibers where microorganisms readily adhere are formed in a circular pattern and in many layers. The fibers are rotated efficiently in sewage to eliminate contaminants that the bacteria take in as nutrients. The sewage inflow is then stopped to block nutrients for adherent bacteria. The adherent bacteria consume each other, and the sludge consequently disappears. We use the rotating disk system for high-concentration wastewater from factories. Consult us for specifications.

Other presentation

[Company Strengths]
Our motto is to take on challenges by integrating technologies. We will continue to make manufacturing proposals under an integrated production system from R&D product design to control. We also promote ingenious manufacturing.

[Business Description]
Our company designs and manufactures various experimental devices for public research institutes and universities. We also manufacture filling materials, filter device parts, and various wastewater treatment devices. We make use of the technologies we have accumulated to manufacture products that satisfy customer requests with the cooperation of many partner companies.

General machine manufacturing

[Product and Technology Strengths]
Our company designs and produces experimental devices for laboratories and universities. We design, operate, and manage water treatment equipment associated with oil fields. We possess stable technology applicable to a wide range of fields and will combine existing and new technologies for difficult-to-decompose sewage treatment.

[Representative's Message]
We are a new company just established in July 2018. We will continue working to acquire trust from many customers by making use of technologies based on the experience we build up. We will continue to provide many achievements to customers in challenges involving ingenuity while improving our technologies. We look forward to your many requests.

[Company Structure for Market Cultivation and Overseas Expansion]
We have designed and experimented with water treatment equipment associated with oil fields for Oman, Russia, Kazakhstan, and China. We have started sales activities with local corporations. We are also designing simple methane fermentation systems and public sewage systems in Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand. We will cultivate markets by enriching our website and environmental exhibitions.

[Awards and Media]
Engineering Encouragement Special Award 2015

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