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Latest update: 30/05/2019 15:23:33

Nittoh Zohki Co.,Ltd.

Nittoh Zohki will continue to be a company that enriched people and society by creating a new "hydraulic culture" with customers.

A hydraulic pump that continues to evolve. At our company, we make the hydraulic pump / equipment of the highest pressure (70Mpa). Our products correspond to various scenes, and they become necessities for our life. The UP-35RH series and UP-45SV series are very light in the market, and are used not only in Japan but around the world. It is very useful in factories and on site.

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Hydraulic pumps / machines Small and compact
UP-35RH series  ultra compact and light model pump
Formerly, overseas small pumps were mainstream, but there were many failures such as oil leaks and air leaks. At such time, there was a request from workers at the site to make hydraulic pumps that would not cause failure. Five years after the start of development, we succeeded in sending the 35RH series to the market as a hydraulic pump made in Japan. After more than 10 minor changes, it is now used in factories and on-site around the world.
UP-45SV series small and high-power model pump
In the past, it was very difficult to retrofit accessories and valves. That was the same situation in other companies. By introducing the latest design and technology, our company succeeded in developing the 45SV series which is the standard of current hydraulic pumps. Today  it has become a hit product for more than 25 years, and it is used not only in Japan but also overseas as the OEM products of a foreign-owned major hydraulic equipment maker.
FM30 Angle cutting and bending machine
5 tyeps of forming without changing mold (1)  90°V notching (2) 45°corner cutting (3) Angle bending (4) 90° corner cutting (5) Edge cutting   * Punching is option.

■ It has the greatest processing performance among the same category.

This is a force of 23 tons, making it possible to process stainless angle material (75 mm x t 6mm) only with the
standard set.

■ Die exchange is unnecessary.

Die of a V notch (corner cut) and a bender are built in, so you do not need to replace the die.

■ Double cylinder system with a changeover lever.

By adopting the double cylinder system, it is possible to smoothly perform a series of work including V notch, 90 °, 45 °  corner cutting, and bending process by simply switching the changeover lever.

■ Easy positioning with clamp base.

Adjust the clamp base according to the thickness of the angle material(3 mm to 6 mm) , so when you process angle bar, you can make alignment easier.

■ Compactness and portability.

Since the main unit and the hydraulic unit are separate,  it is easy to carry to the work site.

■ Wide choice of hydraulic pumps.

Depending on the frequency of operation, you can choose a high-speed pump (450 W Deluxe type) or a super light type pump (350 W standard type).
You can also use your own hydraulic pump unit. In that case, the pressure should be 70 Mpa and the hydraulic couplers should be the same kind.

■ Hydraulic pump works with 100V, 220V and 230V.



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[Our business / features]
Manufacturing and sales of Hydraulic pump / Hydraulic equipment

[Trading Performance with Large enterprises]

You can combine 35RH pumps with multiple hydraulic tools on various occasions. Example 1: Large automakers such as TOYOTA, HONDA, ISUZU use our 35RH pumps as hydraulic power source for jacking up, wire cutting, pressing steel and so on at their factory. Example 2: Our pumps are widely used for replacement and pulling old water pipes at house, apartment, office and factory. Example 3: Sesami oil / Cammellia oil manufacturers also use hydraulic oil press to expel oil, which is conventional method. Example 4: In Denmark, our products are chosen as hydraulic power source for changing the wind power propellers.

[Trading Performance with foreign companies]

Special tank structure to stop oil leaks enable users to take it everywhere. 35RH pumps (Maximum Operating Pressure:70Mpa & the lightest) exports have grown in recent years, especially to America, Asia and Europe.

[Message from representative]

I would like to expand the export business to each country mainly in Southeast Asia.
I am looking for a machine tool company strong in export business.

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