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Latest update: 07/02/2019 18:49:16

Ally Japan Co., Ltd.

We offer one-stop production flow for long, thin boards from artwork to board manufacturing.

Our company excels in manufacturing long boards over one meter and boards as thin as about 0.2 mm. We provide one-stop manufacturing from board design and manufacturing to mounting.

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Sales Pitch

One-stop provision of long boards
We excel at manufacturing long, thin, and other special-profile boards. Long board manufacturing requires equipment and know-how. There are almost no factories capable of stably supplying high-quality boards even in China. We receive many inquiries for long boards mainly for illumination purposes, such as fluorescent lamps, LEDs, and other illumination panels.
We have design resources both in Japan and China. Our personnel there can handle analog to digital. We are flexible about cost and lead time to satisfy customer requests. A wide range of customers use our company for urgent production or production at very low cost.
We have our own factory and educate inspectors as gatekeepers for quality protection. Our company has a method for procuring high-quality boards at low cost by dispatching inspectors when using other Chinese factories.

Other presentation

[Business activities・Features]
Our company designs and manufactures printed circuit boards. We also procure special parts at our sites in Japan, China, and Hong Kong. We have design resources both in Japan and China that enable us to provide stable design on consignment through our unique business processes at reasonable charges. We can prepare a quality assurance organization for board manufacturing by implementing a Japanese-style quality management system. We can also educate quality inspectors at our own factory and position them at partner factories to procure high-quality boards at reasonable cost. We can set up a manufacturing system for very short turnarounds by forming a concurrent value chain from CAD software to factory management.

[Main Product, Technology, Goods, Overview of service, Example for use of products]
Our company handles a great variety of boards. We excel in manufacturing boards up to 150 cm long, as thin as 0.2 mm, and with very severe profile requirements. Long base materials and also equipment capable of processing long boards must be prepared at all processes when manufacturing boards as long as 150 cm. Special know-how is also necessary for manufacturing long boards, such as measures against board deflection and pressure. Our company has been manufacturing long boards since its establishment. We are confident that we have great strengths in manufacturing long boards. The demand for electronic parts is growing and needs are becoming more diverse, and we are receiving many inquiries about illumination panels and products replacing fluorescent lamps with LED lights. We have a track record of manufacturing for several companies listed on the First Section of the stock exchange and many other companies.

[Business result, development record with leading company]
Our company has been doing business extensively with many customers, including a toy manufacturer listed on the First Section of the stock exchange and an electric machine manufacturer.

[Business result, development record with overseas company]
We manufacture products in China, so we have an extensive network regarding printed circuit boards from Shenzhen. We also do business with local companies. We are ready to work together with connector and motor manufacturers with unique technologies.

[Message from representative of corporation ( Initiatives to develop future sales channels, How I utilize J-GoodTech, etc. )]
Needs for printed circuit boards are becoming more diverse, but there are few factories with strengths in profile processing. We excel at long boards, and can solve many issues mainly about large equipment. There are almost no companies with sufficient manufacturing equipment and know-how even in China, which is called the world’s factory. We will make use of our strengths to be an enterprise expanding the range of the electric industry by using long boards.

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