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Latest update: 04/02/2020 11:27:45

Yamachu Co.,Ltd.

We seek the potential of Japan's unique seaweed food culture and create its future.

We manufacture and sell processed seaweed foods (hijiki, wakame, seaweed salad, processed seaweed foods) based on our basic “SEAGANIC” principle. We have sold the highest amount of processed hijiki seaweed in Japan. Our flagship product Hijiki No. 1 has hijiki’s original flavor and deliciousness because of our unique non-drip braising method (Japanese Patent No. 3244686). We are also developing the Hijiki Field Plan for the cultivation and growth of hijiki throughout Japan. We engage in the commercialization of previously unutilized seaweed around the world to contribute to the development of the seaweed food culture we take pride in.

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We manufacture processed seaweed foods with a focus on hijiki seaweed.
We manufacture hijiki seaweed by making use of our unique manufacturing method, as well as seasoned processed foods made of hijiki (seasoning for cooked rice, boiled hijiki, and seasoning for dishes of foods dressed in sauce using tofu and other ingredients). We also process and sell seaweed other than hijiki (wakame, tosaka-nori, kaede-nori, kurome, etc.). We try to manufacture safe and secure products by thorough inspections for foreign matter.

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